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Yale is one of the oldest and most recognised safety brands in the world. Yale alarms are designed to be simple, easy to use and cost-effective. At FHA, we're working with the best product range of Yale alarms. As a supplier, our services include- Burglar alarm product with installation and maintenance service, Only Installation service, Alarm Servicing and Maintenance.

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Visonic is another leading name in the home security industry. They are home security manufacturers focusing primarily on alarm systems. Powermax and Powermaster are their popular series of alarm systems using high-end technology. PowerG is their latest and most advanced technology used in the wireless alarm systems which make the system more reliable and robust.

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The Risco Group has been one of the largest security manufacturers in the last three decades and has a global market presence. RISCO Agility 4 is their latest and most advanced security system to date. It offers the latest two-way wireless technology, home automation modules, IP and GSM camera connectivity and most versatile communication modules. The PIR detectors support visual verification with the Smartphone Self-Monitoring App (iRISCO).

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Infinite Prime is a professional wireless alarm that is suitable for all types of domestic properties. Infinite Prime has been on the market for more than 12 years and is not commonly used in new installations. However, it is still considered to be one of the best systems of its time. We have been working with Infinite Prime systems for over 7 years now and are providing installation and maintenance services.

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CommPact Burglar Alarm is a wireless alarm system introduced by RISCO. It offers a professional level of security and a wider range of features than standard alarm systems. It offers a proven and reliable professional level of security on the field, complying with the highest European safety standards (EN50131). Supports live video verification and live video on demand with optional IP cameras and can be customised as a pet-friendly alarm system.

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