Are you sure your home and family are safe from burglars? Are you taking enough measures to protect your home and family? The safety of your home becomes a matter of concern when you see an increase in burglary cases around you. People sometimes ignore taking some basic measures essential to ensure the safety of their homes and families. No matter how safe your town is, it becomes critical to ensure that your home and family are safe and secure. To help people boost their home security, we’ve listed the top 10 best home security tips that are easy to follow and can help you ensure enhanced protection against intruders.

Security Tip 1: Install a BURGLAR ALARM

Security 1: Install a burglar alarm system to protect your home

Do you have a Burglar Alarm System installed in your house?


Because Burglars tend to target homes without a security solution, as it is easier for them to leave without getting caught.

The alarm systems are one of the most efficient home security systems and help in keeping burglars at bay. There are a range of wireless home security systems available. You can either choose a DIY alarm and set it up yourself or can hire a professional installer who can supply and install these alarm systems for you. 

Some of the popular wireless home alarm systems are:

  1. Yale Alarms
  2. Visonic Powermaster Alarms
  3. Risco Agility 4 Alarms
  4. CommPact Alarms

If you already use these systems at home, make sure your system is up and running. Don’t skip the maintenance!

Security Tip 2: Keep your valuables SAFE and SECURE

Security tip 2: keep your valuables safe and secure

Cash and Jewellery are the common items that are often stolen.

The best way to keep your valuables safe and secure is to hire a safety deposit box at your nearest local bank or keep it in a quality safe that meets insurance rating standards.

Because burglars tend to hit the bedroom first to search for valuable items, therefore, avoid keeping a safe in or around your bedroom or any other room that has easy access to it.

It’s best to hide the safe in a less obvious place.

Security Tip 3: Lock all your WINDOWS and DOORS

Security Tip 3: Lock all your WINDOWS and DOORS

People sometimes get in a rush before going out and often fail to check if everything is locked up. However, always make sure that all the doors, windows, and garage are locked before you leave.

Unlocked doors are an open invitation to breakers. Therefore, don’t make it easy for burglars to break through your unlocked doors or windows.

Make sure everything is locked even before you go to bed.

Prevention is better than cure!

Security Tip 4: Close your WINDOW BLINDS

Security tip 4: Close your windows and blinds

Burglars always spy on your home to get an idea about the valuables you have got in your house. 

And doors and windows are the potential viewpoints these people use to get all the details about your house. 

However, closing the window blinds not only keeps your house private but also doesn’t give you a chance to display your house or any valuables that might attract burglars.

Don’t give strangers a chance to sneak peek into your house. Stay protected and take effective action to keep the burglars away.

Security Tip 5: Use a CCTV system 

Security Tip 5: Install a CCTV camera

Putting the burglars off your property is a critical matter for everyone.

The reason is that even if we take effective measures to protect our home, there could be a chance that the intruders could target our property. And if they break into our property when no one is around, there is a high chance that they will be untraceable when they leave the property.

However, the CCTV system has proved to be one of the best ways to catch intruders. There’s been so much news about how CCTV systems help the police catch the burglars again and again.

As a matter of safety, it’s worth thinking about getting a home security camera installed in your home. It acts as a repellent, and the burglars tend to stay away from those properties.

Do due diligence and evaluate which system is best suited to your property. Even if you have limited knowledge of the system, don’t worry about it. Consult a professional security system provider!

Stay Happy, Stay Safe!

Security Tip 6: Get a DOG

Security Tip 6: Get a DOG

Dogs are not just a loyal companion, but they act as guardians, causing distress to the life of the intruders.

In general, the intruders are waiting for the right opportunity to break-in.

However, keeping a loud barking dog in your house will make sure that the burglars are miles away from your house, as it will alert the owners if someone is trying to break into their property.

Even if nobody is at home, a barking dog would surely attract the attention of the neighbour if someone were trying to get into the property.

Security Tip 7: Remove MAILS and FLYERS

Security Tip 7: Remove MAILS and FLYERS

Burglars generally lookout for properties that are vacant before they break-in the property.

This is why the first thing you want to do is not to make it evident for others that you are not at home. 

Always collect your mails and flyers from your mailbox regularly. Because if it is not removed, the burglars might be prompted to break-in considering no one is at home. 

If you are going on vacations, ask your neighbours to collect your mails (if any) in your absence.

Security Tip 8: Trim all the BUSHES around your house

Security Tip 8: Trim all the BUSHES around your house

Don’t give burglars a chance to hide in the long, growing bushes around your house.

Make it a habit to trim the bushes and shrubs regularly. You can either do it yourself or can hire a professional to do it for you.

Please don’t make it easy for them to target your home at any cost!



Motion Sensor Light proves to be one of the most effective burglar dissuasive devices. This is due to its startling effect as it terrifies the burglars when the lights are on.

Burglars prefer to hide around the house in the dark spots and wait for the right opportunity.

Motion sensor lights remove the darkness around the house as the burglars approach the property and act as a layer of resistance.

Security Tip 10: Don’t hide your keys under the DOORMATS

Security Tip 10: Don’t hide your keys under the DOORMATS

Most of us keep a spare key outside our house, just in case we forget our keys inside and are locked up. Some of us keep it if it’s for their friends or family.

But have we ever wondered if it could cost us a fortune?

Why? Burglars are always looking for the right opportunity, and it is apparent that people usually keep a spare key under their doormat. Doormat is the most predictable location to hide the key.

It’s important that if we keep a spare key outside, it’s the least obvious place to be.

Please don’t make it easier for burglars to break-in!

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