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End of landline: Upgrade your Alarm Syst...

End of Landline- upgrade your alarm system

The times have come when you would no longer use landline technology. Yes, you heard it right! Landline (PSTN) technology is coming to an end affecting nearly 14 million people across the UK. Communication providers such as British Telecom have recently taken a decision to switch from PSTN to VoIP by 2025. It is a […]

Alarm Maintenance and Takeover

alarm maintenance

‘Hello! Can you help me! Our alarm is going off! No, you didn’t fit it. We don’t know who the installer was! We have only been here for the last nine months! Sorry, we don’t have any codes or manuals! No, we don’t know what make and model it is! So, there is nothing we […]

11 ways to hide your valuables from Burg...

11 ways to hide your valuables from burglars

People have constantly expressed their concern about domestic burglary. However, most people fail to take some serious actions to deter burglars. Burglars are slinking into your homes with a primary motive for stealing valuables. Most burglaries happen in minutes, and in some of the cases, it becomes easier for the burglar to locate your valuables, […]