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How effective are burglar alarms in dete...

Is burglar alarm a good deterrent?

Domestic Burglary is a horrifying experience that leaves the victims traumatised and tormented. Most of us do take the necessary measures to protect our homes. But the fact is it still happens every day. The latest crime report gives us a real picture of the burglaries that take place around us. It suggests that between […]

Alarm Maintenance and Takeover

alarm maintenance

‘Hello! Can you help me! Our alarm is going off! No, you didn’t fit it. We don’t know who the installer was! We have only been here for the last nine months! Sorry, we don’t have any codes or manuals! No, we don’t know what make and model it is! So, there is nothing we […]

DIY Vs Professional Security System-Whic...

DIY vs Professional home security

Security systems have become an essential part of our homes, ensuring adequate protection from intruders, and giving us extra peace of mind. When people are looking to buy a security system, the first question that comes up is “Which system to buy? DIY or a professional security system” People are generally confused with the enormous […]

How to protect your home this winter?

How to protect your home this winters?

As winter is approaching, most of us are excited and eagerly waiting for the festive season. But do you know that even burglars are waiting to hit the streets during this time? And this is why we always experience a spike in burglaries during this time of the year. The reason is quite simple and […]