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CCTV Laws for domestic users in the UK

CCTV Laws for Domestic Properties

In last few years, the use of CCTV cameras has increased tremendously. It is quite common to spot these cameras in the public places for surveillance and monitoring purpose. Public authorities rely heavily on these systems to monitor any suspicious activities and combat crimes. CCTV has gradually found a place in residential properties as well. […]

Security Tip: Prevent your home from Dis...

Protect your home from distraction burglary

Distraction Burglary is a form of crime where criminals approach you at your doorstep, trying to gain access to your home by posing an emergency. Such offenders, also known as “bogus callers” or “distraction burglars”, often come in disguise and try to trick you to get into your premises. How do these burglars operate? These […]

How to stay safe during COVID-19 pandemi...

How to stay safe during Covid

In these challenging times, when the whole world is fighting COVID-19, we should do our bit and ensure that we all stay safe and healthy. Our Government is doing its best to protect its people in these difficult situations. It is our duty, as a responsible citizen, to comply with the guidelines of the WHO […]