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Burglar Alarm, CCTV or Video Doorbell- W...

This is a classic ‘chicken and egg; new egg’ tale! Wait a minute! Let me explain. Burglar alarms date back to 1853 when Reverend Augustus Russell Pope patented the first electro-magnetic burglar alarm. And Edwin Holmes made it in his factory in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1857. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a relatively new technology […]

Why should you choose a Wireless Alarm S...

Why you should choose a wireless alarm system

Alarm systems are among the most effective security systems for safeguarding homes and valuables. Customers typically seek an alarm system that offers complete protection and is convenient to use at the same time. This is why we always advise our customers to go with a wireless alarm. Wireless alarm is a technologically advanced security system […]

Best Home Alarm Systems under £500

Best Home Alarm Systems under £500

Choosing an alarm system for your home can be tricky sometimes. People are often in dilemma when they have a wide range of home alarm systems to choose from. Specifications and features are key factors that help you choose the best system for your property. The cost of your purchase can have a significant impact […]