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Which security system is best for my hom...

which security system is best for my home

If there’s one thing we consumers demand, it’s choice. We want a range of options, whether we’re buying shoes or cheese. And we want to take our time making up our minds. Quite right too. The same goes for selecting a home security system. There is a dazzling array of technologies available, offering a variety […]

Alarm Maintenance and Takeover

alarm maintenance

‘Hello! Can you help me! Our alarm is going off! No, you didn’t fit it. We don’t know who the installer was! We have only been here for the last nine months! Sorry, we don’t have any codes or manuals! No, we don’t know what make and model it is! So, there is nothing we […]

11 ways to hide your valuables from Burg...

11 ways to hide your valuables from burglars

People have constantly expressed their concern about domestic burglary. However, most people fail to take some serious actions to deter burglars. Burglars are slinking into your homes with a primary motive for stealing valuables. Most burglaries happen in minutes, and in some of the cases, it becomes easier for the burglar to locate your valuables, […]

Should I buy or lease my home alarm syst...

Should I buy or lease my home alarm system

When people are looking to buy a new home alarm system for their property, they get different types of quotes with different contracts from a number of installers. Some companies are offering alarm systems on a lease, while some are selling them outright without any contracts. It can be overwhelming and difficult for some of […]