Visonic is a global manufacturer of security alarms and is one of the leading brands in wireless security, selling in 100 countries. They have two of the most popular alarm series: Powermax and Powermaster with cutting-edge wireless technology. Both these products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and comply with ISO 9001 quality management system certified procedures.

A) Visonic Powermax Alarm

Visonic Powermax is the most iconic and oldest professional alarm series launched by Visonic about 15 years ago, using their iconic PowerCode wireless technology. 

The Powermax family had four models in the product line– Powermax completePowermax ProPowermax Plus, and Powermax Express. Visonic discontinued Powermax alarms in 2019 and no longer offers them part of their current product portfolio. So, now you won’t find Powermax alarms available for fresh installations.

So if you are planning to install a Visonic Powermax on your property, our recommendation would be to consider alarms that are not discontinued. If you already have a Powermax alarm and need professional help, you can contact us. We still service Powermax alarms and can replace any faulty parts as long as they are still available in the market. However, another alternative is to upgrade your Powermax system to a Powermaster alarm to avoid any hassle in the future.

So, if you have an existing Powermax alarm at your property and are not sure what to do with it, give us a call, and our experts will be happy to provide you with the best recommendations.

B) Visonic Powermaster Alarm

Visonic introduced Powermaster alarm series in 2013, which is one of the best professional British-grade alarms. They use Visonic’s in-house wireless technology- PowerG that delivers unmatched detection accuracy, long-lasting reliability, system robustness and ease of use.

Visonic Powermaster is undoubtedly one of the best british-grade wireless security alarms. Due to their robustness and reliability, these alarms are widely used across residential properties. And the installation is quick and easy, which is certainly not the case with old traditional alarms.

Visonic alarms are open to customisation, and you can choose a custom-built alarm package based on your requirement. These systems come with advanced peripherals that offer enhanced security. You can choose amongst a range of motion detectors, perimeter protection devices, camera detectors, keypads, arming devices, and sirens. Moreover, you can even add pet-friendly motion sensors if you have pets at home. Or add a pair of camera sensors for real-time alarm verification. And you can choose any communication mode like landline, broadband or GSM depending on your network connectivity within your property. 


1) Visonic Powermaster 10 Alarm

Powermaster 10 is the oldest and simplest alarm within the Powermaster family. It is the most affordable British-grade, insurance approved alarm and is suitable for any property type. Powermaster 10 is a compact wireless telecommunicating alarm that sends alerts and notifications to the user on the mobile app. It is more advanced than a bell alarm that only triggers a loud sound and if the homeowner is not around, it will count as a lost alarm.

Powermaster 10 comes with an in-built PSTN module that uses landline connectivity and calls the user in an emergency. Another alternative to the PSTN module is a GSM module that comes with an in-built sim card. In this scenario, the control panel uses cellular connectivity for call alerts. And if you want app connectivity, you can choose an IP module that uses a broadband network for app connectivity.

Powermaster 10 can connect up to 60 wireless devices and comes with a backup battery that allows you to use it in case of power failure. All Visonic alarms are zone controllable, including Powermaster 10. You can either fully arm the system when you are not at home or partially arm the system at night.

The alarm package doesn’t come with hardwired switches, and everything is configured from the control panel itself. You don’t even need to re-open the added peripherals once fitted.

  • It has a superior radio range and works well if you are installing it on large premises. And you won’t even require repeaters to boost the signal, which is usually the case in a traditional system.
  • It is a robust system that comes with prolonged battery life.
  • An Eco-friendly system that consumes minimum power and creates less pollution due to its adaptive transmission power.
  • It offers external perimeter protection via external magnetic contacts, curtain detectors and outdoor motion detectors with camera sensors.
  • You don’t need to pay any ongoing monitoring charge if you opt for self-monitoring options.

Our standard Powermaster 10 kit starts at £449, including supply, fitting, and VAT, and comes with the following items. However, the price will increase if you wish to add extra sensors and accessories to the package. The basic alarm kit is not a smart alarm; however, you can add an IP module to use it as a smart alarm at an extra cost.

  • Control panel- 1 unit
  • PIR Motion Detectors- 2 units
  • Slimline Wireless Keyfob- 1 unit
  • Rectangular Wireless Outdoor Live Siren- 1 unit
  • Door/Window Contact- 1 unit
2) Visonic Powermaster 30 Alarm

PowerMaster-30 is a professional wireless home burglar alarm system suitable for advanced security monitoring applications and heavy-duty operation. Powermaster 30 also comes with two-way communication technology and has a superior range, prolonged battery life, and unmatched wireless robustness.

As a part of the Powermaster family, it is a zone controllable alarm that can connect up to 120 devices. You can either fully arm it ideally when you go out or partially arm it when you go to bed at night. It can be paired with proximity tags, saves you from punching the user codes on the keypad. You can also add remote keyfobs and panic buttons to the system.

Powermaster 30 alarm comes with an in-built PSTN module so that the alarm can be connected to your landline at home. Call your mobile phone if the alarm is triggered. It will call up to 4 numbers of your choice. You can also have it connected to a GSM sim card unit and broadband IP module.

The main features of Powermaster 30 are:
  • The user gets remote access with the smartphone app (requires IP module and broadband at home) and can arm and disarm the system remotely.   
  • User can visually verify alarms on their phone. The camera sensors take photos and send them on their smartphone app. So, whenever an alarm is triggered, they can check it immediately on the app. This way, it becomes easier to identify any false alarms.
  • With its in-built speech facility feature, you can either listen to the alarm system or speak through the control panel.
  • There is no ongoing monitoring or app subscription fee. 

This is a British standard alarm system in compliance with the latest EN50131 standards. The standard kit starts at £599, including supply and fitting and comes with the following items. Similar to the Powermaster 10, the standard Powermaster 30 kit is not a smart alarm. However, if you want to, you will have to add an IP module at an extra cost.

  • Control Panel- 1 unit
  • Door/Window Contact- 1 unit
  • Wireless Stylish Keyfob- 1 unit
  • PIR Motion Detector- 2 units
  • Hexagon Live Siren- 1 unit

You can read our in-depth analysis of Visonic Powermaster 30 Alarm system here. 

3) Visonic Powermaster 33 Alarm

Visonic Powermaster 33

Powermaster 33 is again a two-way communication wireless alarm with a slick look. It comes with thin profile door contacts and has the most versatile communication modules.

Like any other Visonic alarm, it is a zone controllable alarm, allowing you to turn the full alarm when you go out and part of the alarm when you go to bed at night.

Powermaster 33 alarm has similar features to Powermaster 30. Except it comes with a separate keypad and control panel. Its wireless keypad has a nice look and can be put near your entrance. It has a big display, big enough to show all your messages and compliments your door. You can place your control panel discretely inside the house, away from easy access for anyone breaking in and ideally next to your broadband router. This allows for a tidier installation with minimal cabling and connections affecting the decor of the house.

A standard kit starts at £799, including supply and fitting and has the following items. Because Powermaster 33 standard kit is a smart alarm, it comes with a Visonic Go Smart app at no extra cost.

  • Control Panel-1 unit
  • Door/Window Contact- 1 unit
  • IP Module- 1 unit
  • PIR Motion Detector- 2 units
  • Hexagon Live Siren- 1 unit
  • Proximity Tags- 2 units
  • Keypad- 1 unit
  • Visonic Go Mobile App
4) Visonic Powermaster 360R Alarm

Visonic Powermaster 360R Alarm System

Powermaster 360R was released in 2019 by Visonic. It is a professional modern wireless security alarm system with optional home automation capabilities. It is suitable for residential and small to mid-size businesses looking for an advanced alarm and home automation system in a single platform. The PowerMaster-360R provides a robust and scalable solution using Z-Wave, WiFi and cellular 2G or 3G capabilities.

It comes with a compact control panel integrated with the keypad like Powermaster 10 and Powermaster 30. The alarm system can be armed or disarmed by a variety of keyfobs and keypads using special codes. The system provides you with visual status information in the disarmed state and initiates an alarm if smoke is detected or upon disturbance in a 24-hour zone (a zone that is active 24-hours a day).

A standard kit starts at £899, including supply and fitting and has the following items. Like Powermaster 33, the 360R standard kit is a smart alarm with a free smartphone app.

  • Control Panel- 1 unit
  • Door/Window Contact- 1 unit
  • Keyfob- 1 unit
  • Hexagon Live Siren- 1 unit
  • IP Module- 1 unit
  • PIR Motion Detector- 2 units
  • GSM Module- 1 unit


The new Qolsys IQ Panel

If you are looking for more advanced security solutions with home automation capabilities, you should go for the Qolsys IQ Panel

Qolsys IQ panel comes with a 7″ HD Touchscreen, a built-in 5 MP camera, and a new exclusive feature: Dual SRF featuring Visonic’s Powermaster burglar alarm technology, the best wireless sensor protocol available. PowerG has 4x the range of traditional wireless, military-grade 2-way encryption, automatic signal adjustment to improve battery life and ensure a reliable connection, and interference circumvention to provide your signals never get blocked by other wireless protocols.

Because it uses PowerG technology, you can pair the IQ panel with any Visonic Powermaster alarm system or accessories. The 5 MP camera captures disarm photos, records alarm videos, and lets you peek in from the app.


Visonic Qolsys alarm


It uses’ s smartphone app that utilises state-of-the-art security and gives you a complete insight into happenings in your home. It ensures complete protection through a dedicated connection, instant alerts on emergencies or important events, and monitors activities through visual verification. The panel has a built-in GSM module (comes with sim cards) and a WiFi module to connect to your broadband at home for a seamless connection.

You can read the in-depth review of Qolsys alarm system here. It is the most advanced smart alarm in the world now.


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