The time has come when you would no longer use landline technology. Yes, you heard it right! Landline (PSTN) technology is coming to an end affecting nearly 14 million people across the UK. Communication providers such as British Telecom have recently taken a decision to switch from PSTN to digital landline by 2025. It is a significant technological evolution that would eventually bring benefits for users.

In earlier times, voice services were offered via PSTN copper cables in homes, which is a circuit-switched technology. As technology evolved, companies have built modern network technologies like Internet protocol that support and deliver voice services offering better quality to consumers.

There are millions of individuals still using PSTN-based landline systems. Around eight in every ten households in the United Kingdom have landline service. A survey in April 2021 says that almost 40% of people in the UK have stopped using landline phones.

With people switching to Internet-based or mobile connectivity, there is still a large chunk of people who are still completely dependent on landline services. A recent Ofcom survey predicts that around 4% of adults in the UK use only landline networks and do not have a mobile phone.

PSTN equipment is not only expensive to maintain, but the call quality is not very great. With improved technology, telecom companies have decided to replace copper lines with fiber-optic cables offering better quality services. Operators such as Open Reach have already begun to transition their consumers from PSTN to Internet-based services.

Impact on Consumers

When PSTN or traditional landline phones become obsolete, people will have to transition to digital landline technologies to ensure the continuity of telephone services. The migration process is pretty simple as users can contact their existing service provider. Alternatively, they can even look at switching to another service provider if they wish to. As 2025 deadline looms, your current provider will notify of the upgradation to a digital landline.

The switchover of PSTN to VoIP will directly impact a lot of devices that use landline connectivity.

  • home burglar alarms and security systems
  • public traffic lights
  • cash machines
  • railway signals
  • motorway signs

A recent survey shows that there are more than 9 million alarm systems that people are using across the UK, of which around 33% use PSTN connections.

People who are already in the process of migrating to VoIP should consider the following.

  • Your security system will either stop signalling or fail to signal when you upgrade your communication technology to a digital landline. It may pick up a communication failure error and beep intermittently.
  • The traditional old security systems that are built and supported only by circuit-switched technology and are not compatible with any other technology.
  • It is highly recommended that you always talk to your security installer before migration starts. The last thing you want your alarm system to do is to cause trouble and stop working abruptly.
  • The best way is to upgrade your alarm system that works with new and modern technologies, as most traditional systems are no longer manufactured or supported.

Your Options

A) Upgrade communication modules

With PSTN technology going obsolete, people will have to upgrade their alarm systems to ensure service continuity. However, you may still be able to upgrade the communication module within your existing burglar alarm system instead of completely upgrading to a new system.

Burglar alarms support different communication modules and allow you to upgrade from the PSTN landline to the following modules.

1) Internet Protocol module

The IP module connects the alarm system to the IP receiver, the broadband router at your home, allowing the critical components like motion sensors and camera detectors to communicate with the control panel that sends alerts to the user in real time a smart phone app push notifications or email notifications.

2) GSM module

Add an integrated GSM communication to initiate communication between the system and the user. No other communication module is needed and works independently of the technology you use at home. The unit will require a sim card (pre-paid or on a monthly contract) to notify you by calls or text messages depending on the features in your control panel.

B) Upgrade your home alarm system

But not every home alarm system is viable for upgrades. If you’re not sure if your system is eligible for upgrades, please get in touch, and we can have a chat about your options.

If your security system does not allow for communication upgrades or is over seven years of age or older, it may be worth considering a complete upgrade.

Burglar Alarm Systems are transforming

Throughout the article, we’re talking about how consumer needs are changing, and so is technology, and how we can leverage it to make our lives smarter, better, and more secure. The security industry has also revolutionised by changing consumer behavior and technological evolution. Security systems are no longer a standard call-alert systems that will ring you when someone breaks in. Instead, it has become a smart, proactive system that gives you real-time access to your system. It uses cloud services to integrate your security system into a phone that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

You have everything stored on the cloud and have access to it in real time via your phone app. For instance, if you want to access your home footage from previous days, you can immediately access it through the cloud app on your smartphone. It is easy for people to access critical footage at their convenience and self-monitor their homes on the go.

  • Arm and disarm your system remotely via the app
  • Real-time notification with visual verification feature
  • Live video feature to keep a check on your premise
  • Full control of your system without physically accessing it from your home
  • Integrate other smart devices into your phone
  • Automate devices and manage them efficiently from your smartphone
  • Pro-actively sending automated reminders to take necessary actions such as disarming the system in case you forgot when you left your home

Let’s talk about your requirement

If you’re using an old system and unsure how the landline change will affect your alarm system, we’ll be happy to help you out. If you are unsure whether your landline or analog or digital, again we will be happy to help you find out.

We are a leading security installer specialising in customised security systems for all types of property. We have solutions designed for every requirement, and we work with some of the most advanced security systems. You can contact us to discuss your needs, and our experts will be happy to help you with the best options.

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