In this digital era, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. With changing times, people have moved to smartphones to connect with people. Smartphone is not just a phone. It’s an intelligent device that helps manage a ton of activities like banking, shopping, bill, and the list goes on.  With technological advancements, you can even operate and connect other electronic devices to our phones. This technology is called Home Automation or Smart Home Technology.

Home Automation Technology

Home Automation Technology enables home electronic devices to connect to your phone seamlessly.  In earlier times, people use to operate these same devices manually. But now we can efficiently manage and control them through our phones. These consumer electronics use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphones. 

Some of the standard applications of Home Automation are

  • Heating systems
  • Smart-lights
  • Smart-meters
  • Smart-locks

These devices have a built-in sensor that shares all the information with the user. This information can help the user manage the device in a smart way. Let’s say you forget to turn off your lights while you were leaving for office. In that case, you’ll receive a reminder and you can instantly turn it off via your app.

Key features of smart technology

  • Monitor- You can monitor the smart devices anywhere, anytime, through your smartphone.
  • Control- You can manage your smart devices through your smartphone remotely. For instance, you forgot to arm your security alarm while you were leaving your home. Your app will send you a notification to arm your security alarm via your phone. 
  • Automate– This feature allows you to connect multiple devices that will trigger an automated action. Let’s say, a door/window sensor of your alarm system will trigger a response everytime a motion is detected.

Integration of Home Automation with Home Security

The invention of burglar alarm was a result of rising security concerns back in 1800s. From being a complicated and time-consuming system it has evolved into a smart system that is effective, reliable, and ensure complete home protection.

Burglar alarms use smart technology for its enhanced performance and greater efficiency. As a smart device, you can integrate it with your smart home and sync it with other smart devices for enhanced security.

Key Components of Smart Security Systems

1. Smart Alarms

Smart alarms

smart alarm system is connected to your smartphone and sends all the updates, notifications, and alerts directly to your phone. The alarm system uses your home broadband or comes with an in-built GSM sim card.

2) Smart cameras

Smart cameras

Smart CCTV systems are advanced security systems that come with motion sensors. It also has an automatic recording feature that activates the camera to start recording the footage whenever a motion is detected. It’s also connected to your smartphone and sends all the alerts and notifications to your phone. You can even set up your system to trigger a loud siren in specific situations. For instance, you can ignore if someone is at your property entrance, but once they start coming closer, your system will trigger an alert.

3) Door and Windows Sensors

Door and window sensors

These are motion sensors that are an integral part of your smart alarm. They detect intrusion through doors and windows and instantly trigger an alarm in case of a break-in and send an alert on your phone.

4) Smart Lights

Smart Lights

Smart lights are Wi-Fi enabled lights that connects to your smartphones via app. It provides enhanced security and convenience to you as it can be operated as per pre-set schedules.

5) Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Smart Locks eliminates the need for a key to unlock or lock a door. It uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to your phone through the app. With the help of the app, you can instantly take an action even if you’re not at home. It may also be set to auto-lock when you leave the house.

6) Smart Doorbell Camera

Smart Doorbell Cameras

A smart doorbell makes your life easier by allowing you to respond virtually through your smartphone app. Whenever you have someone at your door, the app will give you a notification, and you can see a live view. And you can respond from your app without going physically to your door.

Benefits of Smart Security Systems

1) Complete Security

With smart security systems, you can get updates anywhere, anytime. Unlike the traditional alarm system that only works when it’s armed, it gives you real-time updates on your phone. You can quickly get a glimpse of your home when you’re out and relaxed, knowing that everything is safe and secure.

2) Reliable and Resilient

These systems are more reliable than the traditional wired alarm system. Because a standard wired security system can easily be tampered with by cutting the wire from outside. The alarm control panel and accessories work on dedicated wireless frequency. They are not affected by failures of power supply or telephone lines. You can add multiple communication channels, so even if your broadband fails, a multi-network sim card in the alarm can continue to communicate with you.

3) Proactive approach

Smart security systems are advanced and intelligent systems that use a proactive approach. It continuously sends you alerts if you have forgotten to take the necessary action, such as arming your alarm system or locking your smart door.

4) Convenient and easy

Because your alarm system is connected to your smartphone, you can efficiently operate and monitor your house remotely. It doesn’t require your physical presence at home to control your devices.

5) Integrate into your smart home

You can now integrate your security system with other smart devices, such as smart lights, door locks, smart thermostats. By doing this, you can manage all your smart devices centrally. It can further automate the responses that make your life easier and happier.

Smart Home Automation- The future is here today!

Our new Home Automation Alarm Kit from Visonic is the most advanced solution available on the market. It enhances your home security and is a crucial security device for your smart home.

This system uses the most advanced and secure IQ control panel, a 7 “HD touchscreen. The control panel uses the best wireless sensor protocol – Dual SRF and PowerG. The technology used makes its range four times better than a traditional wired system. It uses a 128-bit encryption protocol that is secure and does not allow any interference. Besides, its automatic signal adjustment provides improved battery life.

It comes with a smartphone app that gives you full remote access to your system. It allows you to monitor, protect, and automate your home from your phone. And its dedicated connection gives you reliable and uninterrupted protection even when the network is down.

You can read our in-depth review of Qolsys alarm system here. 

What does it offer?


You can disarm your system without touching your control panel via your smartphone connected to your control panel through Bluetooth. You can even connect up to 5 smartphones to your control panel.


It uses a dual network- LTE and Wi-Fi, to operate, which increases its overall speed and makes it more reliable.


It comes with a smartphone app that allows you to control everything from the tip of your finger.


Whenever someone disarms the system, the image is quickly captured and sent to your connected device.


The panel comes with built-in glass-break protection that protects what matters most to you.


You can pair the IQ panel with your smart devices like smart locks, voice control, smart lights, smart thermostats in your home and control everything from one point.


The smartphone app will alert you even if the system is not armed. Usually, a traditional system only sends you an alert when the system is armed. You will receive notifications 24 * 7, in this case.


Now, you can get a video alert when an activity is detected. And you can instantly get a live view of your home through your smartphone app.

How can you integrate it into your home?

This easy-to-fit home automation kit is ideal for your smart home and fits seamlessly into your home. 

The IQ Control Panel uses world-renowned cloud services. It already connects more than 10 million homes worldwide with an in-built sim card and Wi-Fi connectivity at a small monthly cost. And it comes with many features.

In case you are using a Visonic Powermaster alarm system and want to upgrade your system. You need not replace the entire system. Instead, you can substitute your control panel with the IQ panel and pair it with your existing sensors like door/ window contacts and motion sensors.

You can also connect it with your indoor and outdoor cameras and get a live view from all the cameras on your panel. This system also integrates with the Skybell doorbell. This will allow you to answer your door through the panel. And if your cameras have a speaker and a microphone, you can talk and answer live. The best part is that it is connected to your smartphone as well. So if you are not at home, you can still answer and monitor everything through your phone. 

You can also refer to the system’s video gallery if you need any assistance regarding operating the system. It has a vast user guide videos on the setup and operation of the system.


It is a future proof system. Whenever you introduce new smart home devices to this system, it will automatically learn to talk to it and integrate seamlessly. It doesn’t need to be installed on a wall, either. You can either rest it on your table or take it to any room, depending on your convenience.

You can also pair several z-wave smart devices like smart locks, smart lights, smart thermostats to your control panel. And you will be able to manage and control them from one point.

With more and more white goods becoming connected, you will soon be able to manage and operate your dishwater, washer dryers, fridge freezers, vacuum cleaners, and every other smart device in your home through this central home management system.

FHA Security is a security system installer that offers bespoke home security solutions. This is our latest kit that is fully supplied and installed by our team of experts.

Our team of experts is here to help you with any of your queries. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.