Getting burgled is a nightmare. Even the thought of it could scare the hell out of us. But the fact is, it happens around us every day. On average, about 950 burglaries have happened every day in the UK during 2019-20, according to the latest reports. We all hear about burglaries on the news or through friends, families, or neighbours. And the first thing that strikes our minds is to be safe and not to be the next victim. And that’s why most of us are taking effective measures to protect our homes. But do we know how do burglars target homes? 

It is essential to understand how and why these burglaries are happening as this is going to help us get a better understanding of the issue. And we can then take appropriate steps to protect our homes accordingly.

In a way, this article will help you get a perspective on why some homes are being burgled.

What do burglars steal?

What do burglars steal?

Before we discuss why burglars target homes, it’s crucial to understand what they’re looking for. These guys are pretty smart. They’re keeping an eye on your homes to identify the valuables.

Lets us look at some of the most common stolen things during domestic burglaries.

  • Cash– Cash is the most common thing burglars look for in any house they break-in. Because it’s easy for them to carry and use it unidentified, it is better not to keep a large amount of cash at home until it is urgent.
  • Jewellery– Jewellery is another most common thing that attracts their attention. They’re super handy and easy to carry. They can also get a good deal on the sale. Therefore, it’s better to keep your expensive jewellery in a safe place or a locker in your nearest branch.
  • Electronics items: Electronic gadgets, such as your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, are also often stolen in domestic burglaries. Be careful with all the confidential data you have on your device because these people might misuse the data that can cause you trouble in the future.
  • Luxury Cars: If you’ve got a fancy car parked in your home, the burglar might be looking for the keys to your car.
  • Personal details: They’re also looking to gain access to your details, such as your bank details. This will give them access to your accounts, which is a major threat to your hard-earned money.

Why do burglars target a home?

1) Because no one is at home

The most appropriate time for any burglar to break in is during the day. The reason is that most of us are not at home during the daytime. This makes it super easy for them to get into the house quickly without getting caught. They even prefer to break in during holiday time when people are out on vacation.

It is often seen that it is difficult for people to take immediate action if they do not have a security system installed. Because they don’t know what’s going on in their house in their absence, it is therefore recommended that you secure your homes with a security system.

Burglar alarms are one of the most efficient systems that make your home burglar-proof. In case there is an intrusion, it sends you an alert. This will allow you to take the necessary action to stop the burglars from stealing your valuables.

2) Because the doors and windows were open

Burglars use door and windows to break-in

Burglars always look for an easy entry point to make their job easy. And an unlocked door or a window encourages them to make a move into the property. We do, though, lock our doors and windows before we leave our home or go to bed. But sometimes we’re in a rush, leaving doors or windows open. It’s like an open invitation to the burglars. Don’t ever commit this mistake. This is a precaution that everyone should take without even thinking.

Even if your doors and windows were locked, these people would try to break in by smashing it. It is better to use good quality doors and windows that cannot be easily broken.

3) A pile of unattended mails at your mailbox

Clear your mailbox regularly to avoid giving signs of your absence at your property

A pile of unattended mails in your mailbox is a sign that you’re not at home. And a vacant property is an ideal target for the burglars. These people mainly target properties where there is no sign of human activity. That’s because it involves minimal risk of getting caught. They can further quickly finish off their job without interruption.

Never send such signals to the strangers unintentionally. Therefore, always try to get rid of your mails regularly. And if you’re on vacation, ask your neighbours or friends to pick it up for you.

4) Open backyard

Protect your backyard

Burglars try to squeeze through the unfenced backyard. It is one of the best ways to get into a property without catching anyone’s attention. They always look out for convenient ways; therefore, properties with an unfenced backyard are always at a higher risk.

We should never, however, make a burglar’s life simple. Try to make their attempts unsuccessful at all possible entry points. Like if you have got an open backyard, it is worth putting a fence around it.

5) No sign of an alarm system

Home Security is essential, and a proactive approach can help you eliminate any risk that might exist. However, most of us are delusional and are just waiting for things to happen to act. People, in general, install an alarm system after they have been burgled.

But why wait when you can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Having an alarm system in your home makes your home burglar-proof. It’s like you have a 24 * 7 security guard at your home. There are even advanced alarm systems that allow you to monitor everything from your phone remotely.

This is very efficient and beneficial for the properties that are prone to burglaries. This way, if there is an attempt, you can be alerted.

It’s an investment worth every penny. You can always look at the most suitable system based on your requirements. If you have limited knowledge about these systems, then you can always consult a professional security provider for the best recommendations.

6) No sign of a barking dog at home

Burglars prefer to stay away from home with a loud, barking dog. Because they tend to get the attention of homeowners or neighbours while they’re doing their job. It can be a hindrance to their job, making their lives miserable.

So, if you’ve got a dog at home, make sure it’s obvious to strangers. You can even put a sign outside of your property. This will alert the intruders, and it can change their minds.

7) Valuable items visible from your window

People often unintentionally display their valuables to strangers through their windows. It could be your car keys or wallet full of cash, or maybe your tablet.

This could attract the burglars to target your home because now they know what they need to steal. This becomes quick and easy for them to implement. And you could end up being a victim of another burglary.

Always make a habit of keeping your valuables in a safe place. So that none of your valuables are on display that can draw the attention of strangers. It would be best if you also use blinds when you’re not at home or at night. This is going to keep you and your things protected from these offenders.

8) Because you were already burgled

Burglars tend to target the same property that they’ve already burgled. Because targeting a new property puts them at greater risk. And if you haven’t already installed a security system, you’re at risk!

A familiar property makes it easy for them to do their job, as they are aware of the interiors and all entry and exit points. They can easily find your valuables inside the home.

Never underestimate their capabilities as they are professionals.

Protect your home from the burglars

A safe and secure home is all we want for ourselves and our family.

However, burglary can be controlled by taking appropriate actions at the right time.

Practising and implementing security measures will provide your family with a safe and secure environment. Also, it’ll keep your mind at peace, and you don’t need to worry about it every time you’re out on vacation.

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