As winter is approaching, most of us are excited and eagerly waiting for the festive season. But do you know that even burglars are waiting to hit the streets during this time? And this is why we always experience a spike in burglaries during this time of the year. The reason is quite simple and straightforward, winters mean shorter days and longer nights, perfect for burglars to target their homes. We may think that we are safe, but any one of us could be a target of domestic burglaries. Being delusional and not taking proactive action to protect your home is a common mistake. This can lead to financial losses and mental distress. And none of us would want to put ourselves in such a situation. Therefore, it becomes crucial for us to take proactive measures especially when you hit the prime season of burglaries.

Why winters have a greater number of burglaries?

  • Shorter days and longer nights- Burglars prefer darkness to target homes,  as it is easier for them to carry out jobs without being caught.
  • Holiday season– People are usually on a break and often go out on vacation, towards the end of the year. This gives burglars a good chance to target empty homes and get hold of their valuables. 
  • Festive Season– The festive season is around the corner during the winters. During this time, people usually buy new items and valuables. As a result, burglars are more likely to get a good number of valuables at home that they target.

Tips to protect your home during winters

1) Security Alarms

Security alarms

A security alarm is one of the best ways to protect your home from intrusion due to its startle effect on burglars. It is considered to be one of the best burglar deterrents. Burglars tend to avoid homes with a security alarm. In fact, properties without a security system are more vulnerable and have a higher possibility of getting burgled.

These alarms come with different features and functionality; however, basic features remain common in all systems- to alert you in case of a break-in. But, based on your requirements, you can choose a more advanced system such as a smart alarm or a home automation kit that can be integrated with your smartphone.

The alarm system comes with several sensors that alert you when a motion is detected. These sensors help you protect the key entry points that are often used by burglars. A camera sensor plays an important role and captures footage which is beneficial when someone wants to check when not at home. It even sends you a snapshot of your phone automatically when an alarm is triggered.

Choosing the right system with the right number of sensors is crucial and this is where we come into the picture. We conduct a free security survey for all our customers and provide the best options for your property.

2. Security Camera

Security Cameras

A CCTV system is another way to protect your home. It’s a great low maintenance surveillance tool that helps you monitor activities in and around your home using high-resolution cameras. It’s recording feature helps you record activities that can be saved for your future reference. You can even get a live view of your home on your smartphone app that allows you to take immediate action in the event of an emergency. These systems also come with a motion detection recording facility, which is optional, which triggers a recording if a motion is detected.

Intruders often do not target properties installed with a camera, as they consider it as one the biggest deterrents. That’s why it’s considered to be one of the best home security systems to keep burglars away.

CCTV systems come with a lot of cameras. However, based on your requirement, you can conveniently choose the right CCTV system that fits your property.

3. Locks, windows and doors

Locks, Windows and Doors

Identify all the entry points in your home and make sure they are well equipped with sturdy locks. It’s a good thing to do a regular inspection just before the peak season hits every year. The most common entry points used by the burglars are doors or windows. Sometimes, they can easily pass through unlocked doors and windows, and sometimes make a forced entrance by breaking the barriers.

We need to take care of a couple of things:

  • Do not leave any of your doors or windows open whenever you go to bed or leave your home. Sometimes people forget to check their backyard or garage door. Never leave a door unlocked. This stupid mistake could cost you a fortune.
  • Always use good quality locks to make it very hard for burglars to break through your doors and windows. Make it difficult for the burglars to get to your home wherever possible. This will discourage them, and they will return empty-handed.

4)  Sensor Lights

Sensor Lights

Use motion sensor lights outside your home that alert you as and when motion is detected. It will also bring the intruders into the spotlight who are trying to make their way into your home in darkness. This would be the last thing they would want.

Darkness is a sign that no one is at home. And empty houses are the main target for the burglars. So, if you’re not at home, make sure your lights are turned on. The best way to do this is to use smart lights that can be operated remotely with your smartphones.

5) Don’t showcase your valuables

Don't showcase your valuables

The main reason behind any burglary is to steal all the expensive items and sell them at a good price. Most of the stolen items are cash, wallets, cards, jewellery, electronic devices, and car keys.

And if they see any of these valuables from outside, it’s easy for them to do the job quickly. They often try to sneak into your house through windows to scan through the items. Therefore, you should not display any of your valuable items through your window or doors.

It’s worth using a safe to keep your valuables like jewellery and cash. By doing this, you reduce your chances of getting into the spotlight of intruders.


Security tips to protect your home may be endless. However, the tips described above may significantly reduce your chances of being a victim of domestic burglary.

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