The current turmoil has not only taken a toll on the global economy but has a greater impact on human lives socially and economically. Staying home has become essential for your good health and safety from the pandemic. However, burglars are taking full advantage of the situation and trying to break in homes and offices to steal the valuables. We, therefore, must secure our homes and protect our families not only from the virus but also from intruders who are waiting to break into your house. Here are some tips that would help you secure your home from intruders in these unprecedented times.

1) Service your SECURITY SYSTEM

If you have a security system already in place, such as a CCTV or burglar system or any other security device, make sure it is up and running. The security system acts as a deterrent to keeping intruders away from your property. However, if it is not triggered on time, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Maintenance of the system, therefore, plays a key role. Check and let your service provider know about this issue and make sure it’s sorted right away. You can reach FHA Security for any maintenance and service call.

2) Make sure your SECURITY SYSTEM is ARMED

Every time you step out of your home or go to bed at night, make sure your security system is armed. Activating your security system gives you a sigh of relief, and you can just get out of there without any worry.

3) Get rid of LONG BUSHES around your house

Intruders look for hidden dark spots until they break through your house. Big bushes around your house give them space for hiding. The last thing you’d want to do is help them break into your property. Therefore, it is best to trim the growing bushes around your house regularly.

4) Lock all DOORS, WINDOWS and GATES

It is necessary to lock all possible points of entry into your house. Not only does it help you to keep away from people that might be infected with COVID-19, but it also protects your home from intruders.

Unlocked windows and doors are common entry points that an intruder looks for before breaking into the house. It’s always a mistake that people make that turns out to be an advantage for the offender.

Act smart and always stay alert to avoid becoming a victim of these incidents and take precautions.

5) Hide your VALUABLES

It’s always a good idea to keep your valuables out of sight of strangers. Keep them safe in a locker positioned in a place that is not visible through doors or windows. These people often sneak peek into your house to check the valuables before they break-in.

Try not to unconsciously display any of your house property, as it may cause you some trouble later.


If you have outdoor or garden lights in your house, make sure you use it at night. This will minimise the possibility of offenders near your home, looking for a chance to break-in. This will give them a sign that someone is at home, and they won’t risk themselves in fear of being caught.

7) Keep your KEYS in safe hands

It’s pretty common for you to keep your spare house key with your friend or family member or neighbour. Although you know it’s safe with them, make sure no one is accessing your home without letting you know.

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