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Burglar Alarm Sensors – A Complete List

Burglar Alarm Sensors – A Complete List to know In 2023 and beyond

As burglar alarms design and installation specialists in the UK, we spend considerable time discussing and recommending an ideal type of burglar alarm sensor for each area we wish to protect in a property. So here goes our most comprehensive list of burglar alarm sensors, how they work, when and where to fit them, and […]

Visonic PowerMaster 30 Alarm – Everythin

Visonic PowerMaster 30 Alarm – Everything you need to know!

Security systems and burglar alarms effectively prevent any mishap like fire, burglary, or a medical emergency. Over 40% of UK households have installed any form of a burglar alarm. We can estimate the effectiveness of burglar alarms and security systems because 9 out of 10 burglars prefer to target a property with no burglar alarm […]

Qolsys – The Most Advanced Smart Alarm R

FHA Security's Visonic Qolsys Smart Alarm with Home Automation

Video surveillance systems, alarm systems, and access control systems are the future of homes and commercial security. The surveillance systems increase your home’s security and reduce property-related crimes when used by most people in a town or city with high crime rates. In fact, these systems have emerged as the need for homes where both […]

Top Security Trends For 2022

Security Trends 2022

In a post-pandemic world, demand for security solutions and services is increasing, but that’s not all that’s changing in 2022. We’re starting to see new security trends emerge prompted by customer demands, manufacturers, and installers like FHA Security. Here are our top 9 predictions for 2022! End of landline OFCOM after consultation with stakeholders decided […]