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Burglar Alarm, CCTV or Video Doorbell- W...

This is a classic ‘chicken and egg; new egg’ tale! Wait a minute! Let me explain. Burglar alarms date back to 1853 when Reverend Augustus Russell Pope patented the first electro-magnetic burglar alarm. And Edwin Holmes made it in his factory in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1857. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a relatively new technology […]

How effective are burglar alarms in dete...

Is burglar alarm a good deterrent?

Domestic Burglary is a horrifying experience that leaves the victims traumatised and tormented. Most of us do take the necessary measures to protect our homes. But the fact is it still happens every day. The latest crime report gives us a real picture of the burglaries that take place around us. It suggests that between […]

Social Media Burglary and its Impact

Social Media Burglary

With the changing digital transformation, social media has gathered a lot of traction in recent years. Social media platforms allow you to connect with people and share life events and memories with your social circles. From holiday check-ins on Facebook to a brand new car post on Instagram, we see people sharing their personal information […]

End of landline: Future-proof your alarm...

End of Landline- upgrade your alarm system

The time has come when you would no longer use landline technology. Yes, you heard it right! Landline (PSTN) technology is coming to an end affecting nearly 14 million people across the UK. Communication providers such as British Telecom have recently taken a decision to switch from PSTN to digital landline by 2025. It is […]