Pyronix Alarm Review: Everything You Need To Know!

Security is pivotal for both residential and commercial users, and that’s why it’s important to find a quality burglar alarm system for your specific use case. That’s where the Pyronix alarm review comes into play, as we want to see what can this company offer and whether it’s worth your time and money.

We will cover things like their Pyronix alarm installation, and Pyronix alarm service, but also the various models and how feasible they are for you! These days, you always want to ensure that you buy a very good alarm system, one that protects you from burglaries, attacks, and financial losses. Pyronix is a company with a great reputation within the security industry, so this Pyronix review is here to help showcase their products, pros, and cons, as you try to narrow down the best alarm system to fit your needs.

Brief History of the Company

Pyronix is a security company formed in 1986 in Hellaby, Rotherham. The next year they made the smallest PIR at the time, named the Enforcer. Starting with 1991, the company shifted its focus to exports, which managed to enhance export sales from 5% in the previous year to 18%. In 1993, the company started its own Paragon control panel range, many of which are still in use by residential customers, even though it has been discontinued for a long time.

Pyronix has over 35 years of experience in the security industry, and it’s always been a company with a true focus on innovation and creating stellar products. Customer experience is paramount, and that’s why pretty much every Pyronix review you encounter is very positive. It’s a company that has grown and expanded while also offering customers exceptional value and quality for the money.

Pyronix alarms are designed for professional installers and it focuses specifically on the Ireland and UK markets. It is not a DIY product and cannot be attempted for self-installation or maintenance. Pyronix, like many other professional-grade alarm manufacturers, do not offer support to end users.

Pyronix products


Home security is paramount for a company like Pyronix, and you can see that from their range of alarm products. Like other professional manufacturers, you have a choice of alarm panels, but also detectors and sensors, sounders and bells, expanders, speech dialers, arming devices, communication devices, and so on. That means you’re pretty much getting the coverage you need, without having to worry about any downsides. Since there’s a good selection of products, you can easily pick the one that fits your needs.

Control panels

Upon starting our Pyronix alarm review, we noticed that the company has a lot of different control panels. Most of their models have wireless support, which means you’ll receive a notification via the app whenever anyone enters your premises. On top of that, you can also disarm the alarm remotely. The Pyronix apps are very impressive and easy to use, which is great since you get to save plenty of time. Plus, the capability of turning things off and setting up remotely offers exceptional benefits, especially if you want to protect your home while you’re away.

Pyronix Alarm Control Panels

There are multiple Pyronix control panel models, like the PCX 78, Enforcer 64, PCX 46 or the Enforcer 32-WE. Ideally, you want to go for a wireless edition because it gives you improved capabilities, more features, and great attention to detail. A Pyronix control panel is also not very expensive, and having the opportunity to control everything from anywhere in the world is very helpful. Every control panel has its own set of zones, independent areas, and plenty of customization options.

Main system range

The Enforcer series has always been synonymous with Pyronix and for a very good reason. This review of Pyronix is more about Pyronix Enforcer review than any other products in their range. These alarm systems are perfect for business and residential customers, and they deliver a two-way system that’s exhaustive and dependable. The system is very easy to install, and there have been 11 different iterations up to this point, with Enforcer 11 being the latest one.

These alarm kits stand out with their focus on wireless features and cloud connectivity, and that’s the reason why an Enforcer Pyronix alarm service is one of the go-to options on the market right now.

Enforcer V11 is the latest iteration and it also has the best and most comprehensive features you could ever need. It has a two-way wireless control panel, built-in Wi-Fi, and it’s also compatible with Android tablets and the Home Control Hub. The unit has multiple simultaneous communication channels and digital WPS support, and it even allows you to select supervision per a specific zone. You can even set timers per zone too, which is very helpful for this product type.

In addition, with Enforcer V11 you have a maximum of 66 total zones, including wired zones as needed. The product also offers 80 user codes, as well as 32 wireless keyfobs, each with its own user ID. Its sensors will sleep automatically when detection is not necessary, which helps preserve battery life. These smart systems help save a significant amount of time, while also making sure your device’s performance is always at its peak.

As a whole in one security platform, Enforcer V11 gives you all the necessary security features, while placing the power in your hand. You also have selectable supervision, multiple communication paths, occupancy detector zones, and many others. That means you’re always in control, and you can choose how to track and monitor security at the highest level. Maybe the major advantage brought by Enforcer V11 is the fact that it has complete support for HomeControl2.0. With its help, you have the opportunity to control your security system remotely. That means fewer worries about your home getting broken into. In addition, you have a voice and push notifications for any event. Enforcer V11 makes it easier than ever to protect your home or office, while still making the entire experience as seamless as possible.


During our Pyronix alarm review process, we reviewed the company’s multitude of different accessories. While their Enforcer system is very good on its own, adding some extra features is always helpful. And the accessories you can see here are exceptional, one-of a kind and also extremely useful.

Pyronix Detectors

Some of the most popular accessories are sensors and detectors, mainly because some of them are external. Pyronix accessories can sometimes be pet tolerant, you also have infrared detectors, anti-mask detectors, etc. It’s great to have a large variety of accessories since it’s easier to customize everything according to your requirements.

Another very popular category when it comes to accessories is expanders. You don’t always need to expand your alarm system, but if your home is large, an expander becomes pretty much necessary. They have 8 input expansion modules, 2-way wireless receivers, expander modules with speakers, and even 32 wireless input expanders. It’s a lot easier to narrow things down while finding great expanders that fit your requirements.

Their accessories also include sounders and bells. Again, even if these are not mandatory, they are very durable and high quality, and you’re getting a solid return on investment. You can purchase sound modules, covers for sound modules, but also communication devices. Our Pyronix review experience shows that you can find kits with communication devices already, but it’s possible to purchase a few more separately, especially when it comes to a more complex modem.

Wi-Fi Cameras

Wi-Fi Cameras are very important for both home and business users, and it’s easy to see why. With their help, you can easily track who is entering and exiting your premises. Plus, many of these cameras come with a low profile, so they are hard to see. Pyronix has a great LightCamera which is their outdoor light camera. The company also creates a BatteryCam, which offers video monitoring and movement detection in a single product.

Pyronix Wi-Fi Cameras

They also offer a Doorbell Cam which is great at helping you see who is at the door. It’s easier to know whether you will actually answer that person or not. That can go hand in hand with the Doorbell Chine, which is a sounder with very good audio coverage. Maybe the most interesting and different type of product in this category is the Solar Panel.

Please note, any Pyronix Wi-Fi camera’s performance is dependent on the Wi-Fi signal strength, the location of the camera, your wifi speed, and the overall quality of their servers and mobile apps.

Android Tablet

One of the most interesting products that Pyronix offers is its Android Tablet. This is a part of the Enforcer V11 Security System. It’s fully compatible with the Home Control Hub, and on top of that, you can easily mount it on the wall. Either that, or you can use it as a mobile device and access it from anywhere in your home.

Pyronix Android Tablet

You can acquire the tablet separately, or you can get it within the Enforcer Tablet Kit 2. The kit has an Enforcer V11 wireless control panel, the Android Tablet, but also 2 pet immune PIR detectors, a nano-size contact, etc. You can also access PyronixCloud which is a subscription plan that helps optimize and automate your security via cloud solutions.

Whether you choose the complete system with the tablet or you buy it separately, there’s no denying that the tablet is extremely helpful. You can easily customize every aspect of your security, set alarms, automate tasks and switch devices on or off. One of the most impressive features is undoubtedly its live video feed, where you can see up to 16 different cameras at once on a single device.

Pyronix App

Aside from the Pyronix alarm installation, it’s very important to have great software, and the company does not disappoint. They have ProControl+, which is an app for approved Pyronix installers. There’s also Pyronix Cloud we mentioned earlier, which helps connect smart devices and security systems while monitoring and tracking them from a single place.

Pyronix App - Home Control 2.0

But the most interesting app is the Home Control 2.0 app for end-users. The app has biometric login, geofencing, voice notifications, event history, SmartPlug compatibility, remote monitoring, etc. You can also arm or disarm the app from anywhere you want, and it helps deliver a great way to use your Pyronix alarm system at your own pace.


1. Ability to connect with Hikvision CCTV

Pyronix products offer you compatibility with some versions of Hikvision CCTV, which is great because it allows you to integrate CCTV within your security system and view the footage from the same app.

2. Established UK brand, now owned by Hikvision

The company has been around for decades, and they are widely known for their durable, comprehensive security systems. Even if they are under Hikvision ownership, the company is still among the best alarm system providers in the UK and Ireland.


1. Dated-looking panels and accessories

One of Pyronix’s downsides is the overall design of its systems. Their accessories and panels don’t have a modern look, some might even consider their look dated. The Pyronix Enforcer panel v11 looks just like a 10-year-old older version of the same alarm and it is bad compared to some of the latest panels and keypads in the market from competitors.

2. Ongoing app charges

The Pyronix apps are great, but the problem is they offer via a subscription. That means you’re dealing with constant app charges. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it adds extra costs to the overall maintenance and usability of your system. In fairness, most manufacturers who offer quality ongoing app connectivity charge some kind of subscription these days. Visonic is the only exception still with their Powermaster series.

3. Need for professional installation and service

You can’t install Pyronix alarm systems on your own, you need to hire a professional for servicing and installation. That’s the case for most alarm systems these days, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Should you consider buying a Pyronix alarm system?

As you can see from our Pyronix alarm review, the company has a rich history in the world of alarms. They are very innovative, professional and always come up with new features that help their clients. In addition, they evolved quite a lot on the software side, offering customers the best way to monitor and manage each one of their tools at their convenience.

Pyronix is an excellent model of alarm to consider especially for residential customers. We would definitely shortlist it among some of the more popular products out there. We will also compare them against other products in the market from Risco, Visonic, etc. There are cheaper options with similar features and more advanced systems with better user experience currently available in the market.

Any questions or require a quote for a new alarm to be fitted, get in touch with your nearest FHA Security Branch.