Video surveillance systems, alarm systems, and access control systems are the future of homes and commercial security. The surveillance systems increase your home’s security and reduce property-related crimes when used by most people in a town or city with high crime rates. In fact, these systems have emerged as the need for homes where both partners are working professionals.

Home security systems usually consist of doors and windows sensors, control panels, motion sensors(interior and exterior), sirens and alarms for emergencies, yard signs, wired and wireless security cameras, and more.

Visonic and Qolsys were two names, international developers and manufacturers of high-quality home security products and systems. Johnsons Controls owns both companies and is the market leader in the related industry. 

Today, we are going to talk about Visonic Qolsys IQ Panel, an advanced home security system for residential consumers. It is a complete review to unfold the benefits and features of Qolsys IQ Panel as the best home automation system.

So let’s get into it. 

What Is Qolsys IQ Panel?

Qolsys IQ Panel is an all-in-one home security panel, and it is one of the most advanced Smart Security and Home Automation solutions available to UK citizens. Quality of Life Systems(Qolsys) is the most renowned manufacturer of automated security systems and home alarms.

The IQ Panel 2+ is an exceptional alarm panel that features advanced sensors, high-level encrypted security, and integration with Visonic Powermaster wireless burglar alarm technology. Whether you are concerned about the external security of your garage, doors, and windows or want an interior smart home system, IQ Panel 2+ is the solution you need to have.

The company explains the IQ Panel as the Swiss army knife of alarm panels, and this is undoubtedly an undisputable fact about the best home automation system. The sleek design, easy-to-use interface, Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC, and Visonic wireless alarm technology are the main highlights of the Qolsys alarm kit.

Features Of Qolsys IQ Panel

Let’s talk about the Qolsys IQ panel’s features to see how this home alarm system helps residential users.

Visonic Qolsys IQ Panel key features include 6 wireless technologies, dual path connectivity, built in camera to name a few.
Visonic Qolsys IQ – 2 Panel Key Features

1.    Backup Battery

The home automation system features a 3200 ah Lithium polymer battery that keeps the home alarm kit on. Besides, the home automation system and alarm kit also have a backup battery to keep the device and panel working even when there are power failures. The backup battery also warns about power failures.

2.    Insurance Approved

The standard warranty of the Qolsys IQ Panel installed by FHA Security is 1 year. However, you get an extended 10 years unlimited warranty with the maintenance plan of FHA security. Besides the warranty and maintenance, the Qolsys IQ Panels are also insurance approved under EN 50131 Standard of British Standard Grade 2 Certified System. It is the common insurance requirement, and the insurance signifies the compatibility of the home alarm kit and automation system with the needs of UK residents.

3.    Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC

If we talk about the processor of IQ Panel has Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC. It is a high-performance IoT system-on-chip with features like machine learning, sensor processing, integrated wireless connectivity, voice UI enablement, and edge computing.

In general, alarm panel systems add functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular network, etc., to the system chips. However, in the case of IQ Panel 2+, the Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC brings the in-built functionalities right on the panel’s brain(processor).

The highly powerful processor is good from the customer’s perspective as it eliminates the gap in understanding the user interface of home security panels. Why? The Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC makes the IQ Panel work like a mobile device or tablet; easy to interact with and use.

4.    Large Display With Touch Screen

A 7-inches large display with a touch screen is large enough whether you are using the camera, trying to access security camera footage, or performing other tasks on the best home automation system. The sleek design of the large display brings ease to reading notifications and messages and access to other features from the panel.  

5.    High-Quality Sensors

If we talk about the sensors, the high-quality sensors have two-way communication enabled. The sensors can send or receive information from the exterior and interior of your property to give you higher control and access to sensors. Even you can capitalize on the smartphone app of Qolsys to control the sensors.

All the sensors are pre-installed on the chip, and you don’t have to spend money on additional sensors or parts. It is a great solution to replace your old sensors and use the integrated all-in-one IQ Panel as the best home automation system.

6.    5 MP Camera

The panel has a high-quality 5 MP in-built camera that has several features and functionalities. You can set the panel to take pictures every time it is disarmed and share the pictures to your phone instantly via text messages. It adds to the safety and security of your home because you will instantly know who accessed and disarmed the panel.

You can also set the IQ Panel’s camera to capture pictures based on motion detection. For instance, if a user disarmed the panel via Bluetooth, the panel’s camera will take it when someone passes through the door, so you know who remotely disarmed the system. If someone accesses the panel’s settings or tries to change them, the alarm gets triggered, and the pictures of such an intruder(that might be an authorized user) are taken.

You can also peek into the panel camera anytime via your mobile app and record up to 4 minutes of video after the alarm goes off.

7.    Emergency Panic System

It is the best home automation system with emergency panic alarms. Whether your system is disarmed or not triggered due to any issue, you can send manual emergency panic by selecting the type of emergency from the bottom-right of the panel screen. The different types of emergency panics include police, fire, and medical emergency. As soon as a user triggers one of the emergency alarms, the emergency signals are sent to the system provider’s monitoring station.

8.    Smartphone App To Control Your Home Security

The Smart home assistant can be controlled via’s smartphone app. The smartphone app for controlling Qolsys IQ Panel is one of the main highlights of the system itself. Whether you want to have an insight into happenings in your home, Bluetooth arming/disarming, get instant alerts in case of emergencies, or monitor your home via visual verification. The Wi-Fi and built-in GSM module let you stay connected to your IQ Panel 24/7, whether you are at home or not.

9.    Automatic Arming and Disarming

Once you are leaving your home, you will arm the system so that the intelligent panel locks the doors, and windows, power off the electric appliances, turn on surveillance, close your garage door, etc., on one signal. Similarly, you will need to disarm everything when you come back by using the IQ Panel’s LCD.

However, the Qolsys IQ Panel has automatic arming and disarming triggered by your mobile phone. You can let your smartphone work for you to tell sensors to prepare the home when you are coming and take care of things once you leave the house.

10. Partitions To Create Security Zones

So you might want to arm certain areas of your home at a time and keep others disarmed. Older sensors wouldn’t let you do it as the technology was not advanced enough. However, with the new Qolsys IQ Panel and home automation system, you can create up to 4 partitions that can be programmed separately. For instance, you left your home and disarmed the living area but want to arm the car garage. You can create two partitions and manage the areas of your home easily.

11. Optional Features

You could enable several optional features and settings for residential consumers. For instance, you can activate a two-way voice microphone and speaker when triggering emergency panic. This allows you to explain the emergency and get the resolution from the monitoring station.

You can also integrate the Qolsys panel into your existing wired sensors and make it a smart system that is unparalleled by anything else out there.

Benefits Of Visonic Qolsys IQ Panel

Stylish smart control panel, most advanced UI, Smart cloud connectivity are some of the key features of FHA Security Qolsys Alarm.

Here are the benefits of using Visonic Qolsys IQ Panel:

1.    Have Control Of Your Home Security

You get comprehensive control of your home’s security with the intelligent and smartest IQ Panel. The accurate sensors, smart processor, optional features, and security alarms, accompanied with two-way voice communication in case of emergencies, make it a complete control system you need for your property’s security. 

2.    An All-In-One Smart Home Hub

It is an all-in-one smart home hub that works as the best home automation system, security system, and control panel. Whether you want to control your home’s thermostat, automate your devices and doors, or want a fool-proof security and surveillance system, Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ is the right solution. Its notification system tells you about time, weather, battery levels, network connectivity, sensor status, and a lot more. It is a system with an integrated chip having in-built functionalities, unlike the older chips and home security alarm kits.

3.    Network Connectivity

You never have to worry about the connection or your automation system going offline due to the connectivity features of the IQ Panel. It has both a cellular network and Wi-Fi to always be in touch.

4.    Exceptional Video Surveillance

You can access your security cameras directly from the Qolsys IQ Panel. You can even leverage the two-way communication capabilities to communicate with your visitors and answer the doorbells via panels. IQ Panel is capable of pairing up with 40 devices and works as a central hub for all cameras and sensors. You don’t need any IP address, menus, camera integrations, or installations before you start using the video surveillance features.

5.    Authorized access

When we say a complete home security alarm kit and automation system, the access and authorization of certain members is the necessary feature the system should support. In another case, an intruder or unauthorized person can exploit the system and influence the efficacy of the security system. Therefore, Qolsys IQ Panel has enabled to enter the list of authorized persons(house members) to log in and control the devices via the panel. You can also enable screen locks or partition settings to prevent unauthorized access to the IQ Panel.

Multiple screen shots of Qolsys app shows various features of FHA Security Qolsys alarm.

6.    Customizable Schedules For Arming And Disarming

If you love the perfect warmth of your home and the perfectly lit corridors when you enter the house, you can make customizable schedules of disarming and arming with IQ Panel. Unlike many older panels, IQ Panel lets you set the schedule for when the automation and security systems should arm or disarm themselves. Therefore, you can set up a time according to your time of arrival or departure.

7.    Encrypted System For Secured Home Panel

You need encrypted systems and technology to prevent hackers from compromising your home’s security and automation system or intruders from gaining access to your smart home devices. Fortunately, Qolsys smart home alarm kit has been designed to work with encryption that makes it nearly impossible to be hacked or compromised by any intruder.

Why Choose FHA Security For Installing Qolsys Alarm?

FHA Security is the leading and multi-ward award-winning security installer with exceptional customer service and maintenance. The company has been working with Visonic as an authorized dealer and installer for the last 10 years.

The company is also working with Qolsys IQ Panels and other modern panels with expert maintenance and repair. Therefore, you can trust FHA Security for an all-inclusive fixed-cost service plus an extended warranty of up to 10 years on system installation.

FHA Security was the first company in Europe to integrate the Qolsys system with a 27-year-old wired alarm system to bring it to the 21st century. As a platinum-level Visonic installer, FHA’s team of fully trained, certified, and security-screened engineers cover all of Southern England and can definitely secure your home, whether you are in Birmingham, Cambridge, Bristol, Brighton, Colchester, or London.

And as an SSAIB-certified and FCA-regulated company, we can also install Qolsys system as a self-monitored, third-party monitored, or police response alarm system to meet your insurance and lifestyle requirements.

There is no doubt that smart homes and home security alarm kits are the future of the residential consumer’s security systems. Our complete review of Qolsys IQ Panel 2 shows the following features: equipped with high-technology sensors, in-built functionalities on Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC, easy-to-use UI, dual path communications with mobile network and broadband, and 10 years of extended warranty.

The sensors and technology are going to stay relevant for years to come. And with over-the-air updates, the system will always stay up-to-date and protected from cyber threats. Therefore, getting your home’s security system and automation won’t be a bad investment. And when you get it from authorized dealers with years of experience like FHA Security, the value for money is even better with exceptional customer service and tailored solutions to satisfy the needs of your property. 

For a custom quote or if you have any further questions, please get in touch at or give us a call at 020 3137 8727.