Ring Alarm Review from FHA Security

Choosing the right burglar alarm can be quite daunting, given the wide range of available options. Today, we will examine one of the front-runners in DIY home security systems: the Ring Wireless Burglar Alarm.

As a feature-rich, user-friendly alarm system, the Ring alarm has much to offer. Still, like any product, it also has its drawbacks. Here are 17 things you should consider before purchasing a Ring Wireless Burglar Alarm.

1. What’s in the Ring alarm kit?

Ring offers a comprehensive home security solution, including a base station, keypad, contact sensors, motion detectors, and range extenders. There is a range of kit options with varying numbers of sensors and door contacts.

Compared to some of our other alarm ranges, Ring does not provide a full list of options for alarm accessories. They currently do not offer curtain detectors, shock detectors, flood detectors, etc. They also do not provide a good external motion sensor.

Customers with larger properties would also need to add range extenders which are often not required in, for example, with Visonic Powermaster alarm range.

2. Easy DIY Installation

The Ring alarm is designed for self-installation. You don’t need a professional installer – simply follow the instructions in the Ring app to set up your system.

You would obviously require the relevant tools – drill sets and often forgotten – a tall ladder to install the external siren outside and ‘no fear’ of heights.

Like all decent alarms, most of Ring’s alarm devices do come with anti-tamper parts and you need decent skill sets to ensure you do not break the tampers and end up throwing the damaged devices in the bin.

If you are unsure, you can contact us at FHA and our specialist engineers can come and offer a hassle-free installation service for your Ring alarm system. Further details of FHA Security’s Ring alarm installation service can be found here.

3. Compatibility with Other Ring Devices

If you already use Ring devices (such as the Ring Doorbell or Ring Security Cameras), the Ring Alarm will integrate seamlessly, giving you a unified home security system.

Ring family of alarm and camera products

Please be advised each Ring device adds additional subscription charges and the costs can soon add up.

Our engineers do agree all Ring products are not created equal. While their doorbells are still considered one of the best, the alarm products are not as good, when compared to the competition.

4. Connectivity

The Ring alarm works over Wi-Fi and, for added security, can connect to your Ethernet network. However, some users have reported issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, leading to intermittent loss of service.

If you have a power failure and/or broadband failure, the whole communication with the Ring alarm system fails, including notifying you of the power failure and any burglary attempts.

We always recommend alarms that can offer more than one communication option – so ideally a backup via sim-card GSM units.

5. Amazon Alexa Compatibility

Ring, owned by Amazon, is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can arm, disarm, or check the status of your security system using voice commands.

Ring Alarm Amazon Alexa Connectivity

Please be vary of the hacking risks associated with Amazon Alexa and similar voice-activated devices. There is plenty of news articles advising the risks associated with these devices.

6. Ring Mobile App

The Ring app allows you to monitor and control your security system from anywhere. However, some users have reported that the app can be slow to load, particularly when opening the live view.

Ring Mobile App

7. Subscription Charges

To make full use of Ring’s features, including video recording and sharing, you’ll need a Ring Protect subscription. Prices start at £3.49 per month in the UK. Please check the Ring website for the latest prices. And each additional service or product adds additional charges.

You may also get tired of the constant prompts on the Ring app to upgrade to their subscription plans.

In fairness, most alarm manufacturers started charging for the alarm app connectivity. We still have a range of Visonic Smart Alarms with free apps and Yale Smart Alarms are also available without any app charges. Read about what to consider before buying Yale alarms here.

8. Is Ring Alarm Insurance Approved?

Nope, definitely not! This is the most important aspect to consider before purchasing and installing any make or model of the burglar alarm. DIY alarms by default only meet basic CE ratings for electric/electronic goods and do not comply with the EN-50131 standard required to be accepted as a Grade 2 standard burglar alarm which in turn needs to be fitted by an SSAIB or NSI-approved installer to PD 6662:2017 standard and issue compliance certificate.

If you ticked your box to say you have an alarm and your insurer is expecting an approved alarm with annual maintenance or even police monitoring, be warned, you are likely to see your insurance claim to be rejected in the event of a break-in. If you have been burgled, follow our step-by-step instructions on what to do.

We recently removed a Ring alarm and fitted a new grade 2 alarm for a domestic customer in Watford, after his insurance demanded he needs an insurance-approved alarm at his insurance renewal. He had to get rid of his Ring alarm system.

9. Professional Monitoring (Ring Protect Plus)

For an additional monthly fee, Ring offers 24/7 professional monitoring in the UK. This service will contact emergency services if an alarm is triggered at your home. This is not a Level 1 Police Response Service.

Again, please be advised, this does not still meet standard insurance requirements for monitored alarms. Just like Verisure and SimpliSafe alarms, if your alarm product does not meet the relevant standards, even if your Ring alarm is monitored and even if the monitoring station is accredited, your Ring alarm system does not meet relevant British standards and hence insurance requirements.

You cannot add police response to Ring Alarms and no installer can request a local police service URN with a Ring alarm system. And installers cannot issue NSI or SSAIB certificates to confirm compliance to standards.

This essentially rules out the usage of Ring alarms in business premises, larger homes or properties with valuables in them, houses that have been burgled in the past – due to likely tougher insurance requirements, and buildings in areas with a history of break-ins.

10. Ring Alarm Battery Life

The Ring alarm system is designed for long battery life. However, frequent alarms or poor signal strength may drain the batteries faster than expected.

Our experience is the average battery life of 12 to 18 months with batteries draining first in busier rooms.

Please remember, you will require internal and tall-external ladders, batteries, some basic tools, and delicate hands to replace the batteries without damaging the sensors.

11. Customisable Settings

Ring app is very user-friendly and all settings can be adjusted from the itself. You can easily adjust your Ring alarm settings, such as entry and exit delays, directly from the Ring app.

Compared to this, most professional-grade alarms have an additional layer of protection on programmable settings to ensure untrained end-users do not play around and mess up system configuration.

12. Multiple User Access and Ring Alarm Modes

You can grant access to multiple users, each with their own access code. This feature is handy for families or shared accommodations.

The Ring Alarm offers three security modes: ‘Disarmed’, ‘Home’, and ‘Away’. Each mode provides a different level of protection.

13. False Alarms

Like most DIY alarms, Ring alarms also tend to have more false alarms, compared to professional-grade alarms. We had some customers reporting false alarms, particularly with the motion sensors. Adjusting the sensor sensitivity can help reduce these instances.

If you have active and/or larger pets, or cats in general, it is not recommended to get any DIY alarms, as they all tend to struggle against them.

14. Ring Customer Support

While Ring offers comprehensive online support resources and live customer support, some users have reported long wait times to reach a representative.

If you have a Ring alarm fitted and maintained by FHA, our service plans guarantee same-day resolution to most problems reported. If it requires a site visit, we will ensure you have a temporary reprieve on the same day before an engineer is booked to come out. Talk to us to find out more about our 5-star reviewed, all-inclusive fixed-cost alarm maintenance plans.

15. Environmental Impact

Ring’s packaging is made from responsibly sourced paper. The company also operates a recycling program for old devices, which aligns with UK’s sustainability objectives.

16. Data Privacy

There have been some concerns regarding Ring’s data privacy policies in the past. It’s important to familiarise yourself with these policies and ensure you are comfortable with them before purchasing.

17. Cost

Ring’s wireless alarm systems are on the cheaper end of pricing when compared to other DIY alarms like Yale and are more expensive than some other brands on the market. However, many users feel that the quality and range of features justify the cost. The ability to add multiple Ring products in one app is beneficial, however, not all Ring products are created equal.


In conclusion, the Ring wireless burglar alarm is a versatile, robust system that offers excellent connectivity, expandability, and ease of use. Its wide range of features and device options allow you to customize the system to your specific needs.

However, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, installation difficulty, your DIY skillsets, customer service, data privacy policies, ongoing subscription charges, and your own current and likely future insurance and security requirements when making your decision.

Please ensure you do enough research before spending money on any security solution, and do not make impulse purchases because the product is on sale!  If in doubt, please do get in touch and we, at FHA Security, do offer free commitment-free advice on security. Happy home securing!