Risco Alarms Review from FHA Security
Risco Alarms Review

This is a detailed review of Risco Alarms that will explore different security products of Risco Group, the features of the alarm systems, and why you should and shouldn’t consider buying a home security system from Risco.

Burglar alarms have evolved with the threats and sophistication of burglars. This trend will increase with advanced burglary techniques resulting in higher threats and increasing crime rates.

Risco Group is a worldwide market leader in security systems and solutions for commercial and residential users. Therefore, it’s important to know about the Risco Group’s solutions, their positives and negatives, and the features to know if they suit your needs. Our review is based on the expertise of our professional engineers as well as the feedback received from customers who have been using Risco alarms like Risco Wisdom, Risco Agility 1 – 4, Risco Lightsys series, and Risco Wicomm Pro.

So let’s get into it.

About Risco Company

Before jumping onto the Risco alarms review, let’s briefly overview the company’s history and expertise. Risco has been serving the security systems industry for the past four decades with continuous innovation and edge-cutting technology installed in its security solutions.

If we talk about the history and origin of Risco Group, the company was founded in 1978, with its headquarters located in Israel. The company entered the security industry as a designer and manufacturer of diverse security products.

Risco Group has expertise in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing end-to-end professional, residential, and hybrid security systems worldwide. Most of the security solutions developed by Risco Group are well-integrated with their user-friendly application and cloud technology for quick and convenient control over your security system, whether at home or the office.

The company uses its distributor’s network to access the consumer market. The company’s products are for every niche, be it business entities looking for large-scale security systems or residential users aiming to get a reliable yet affordable security solution for their property.

Alarm Products of Risco Group

Risco Group has not limited itself to making intrusion alarms, fire alarms, detectors, and cloud-based security solutions for consumers. Instead, the company has evolved and innovated to offer integrated stand-alone security systems with all accessories & features for consumer markets as well as business entities.

Risco Group has divided its solutions into three categories: professional solutions, business solutions, and home solutions.

The business solutions are customized for the security systems serving consumer markets of residential & commercial users. On the other hand, professional solutions are designed and marketed as customized and fully integrated security systems according to the specific needs of small businesses to large industrial facilities, banks, or office buildings. Finally, the home security solutions are for residential users looking for an easy-to-use, convenient, and reliable security system.

Here are the most popular alarm products of Risco Group among all the categories:

WiComm Pro

Let’s talk about the WiComm Pro review. Wicomm Pro is advertised and endorsed by Risco Group as a next-generation of professional wireless security system. The main highlights of the alarm system are its wireless capabilities, WiFi connectivity, advanced detectors & sensors, and enhanced range to protect indoors and outdoors comprehensively.

Risco WiComm Pro Burglar Alarm from FHA Security
Risco WiComm Pro Burglar Alarm

The other good things about WiComm Pro panels are PIR pet detectors that can work with both 1-way and 2-way wireless systems. The security systems allow the users to have very smooth communications and response systems with WiFi capabilities. Therefore, WiComm Pro is the safest, most affordable, and most convenient security solution for a medium-sized residential property.

LightSYS 2

LightSYS 2 is a professional security solution of Risco Group that is a good fit for commercial properties and residential users still looking for a wired alarm or upgrading an old wired system. The company has innovated the security system with live video verification, VUpoint P2P, and cloud-based integration of IP cameras with your security system.

Risco Lightsys 2 Hyrbid Burglar Alarm Review from FHA Security
Risco Lightsys 2 Hyrbid Burglar Alarm

LightSYS 2 also supports 3G connectivity for better and faster communications across security systems. Besides, the other features of LightSYS 2 include options to choose from wired or 2-way wireless accessories, detectors, and communication options like IP, GSM, PSTN, etc.

Light Sys 2 is a popular security solution for both residential and commercial properties. However, most commercial properties or businesses with large spaces might not get covered fully with the LightSYS 2 security system of Risco Group.

Agility 4

The third and most popular among all the security systems of Risco Group is Agility 4. Commercial and residential users can rely on the comprehensive security provided by the Agility 4 alarm system of the Risco Group. Agility 4, like all other alarm systems of Risco Group, comes with options for customization according to the user’s convenience, affordability, and needs.

Risco Agility 4 Smart Burglar Alarm from FHA Security
Risco Agility 4 Smart Burglar Alarm

The main highlights of the Agility 4 wireless home alarm system are options for communication(IP, PSTN, GSM, etc.), 2-way wireless connectivity with accessories, a mobile app for quick and instant control of your home security, and advanced detectors.

Discontinued Risco Alarms

Risco has discontinued a range of older products over the years.

  • Risco Diamond 400 and 500 Series
  • GardTec 300 Series (350/ 360/ 370)
  • GardTec 500 Series (580/ 581/ 591/ 593)
  • GardTec 800 Series (800/ 816/ 840/ 872)
  • CP7 / CP8 Panels
  • Orbit Pro
  • Wisdom
Risco discontinued alarm range

If you still have any of the above products installed or if you have inherited them, please do get in touch and we can try and find a solution to service/ repair or replace them partially or fully to get them working again for you.

Features And Accessories Of Risco Alarms

What are the common things among all the Risco solutions? Or it would be more appropriate if we say what the common features of all solutions offered by Risco Group are. The Risco alarm review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the following features and accessories of the security solutions:

Risco Alarm App Review

When the Risco security systems are marketed or advertised, Risco App controls your security alarm system is the most prominent highlight.


It makes your security system a complete home automation system that you can control right on your palm. iRisco is the mobile application for Risco security systems, and it turns a security system into a smart home.

iRisco Smart Alarm App from Risco
iRisco Smart Alarm App from Risco

Risco app allows you to receive real-time video and image notifications from your property, arm or disarm your property right from the mobile app, and a lot of functionality features to empower the property owner.

The most enticing functionalities of the iRisco app are as follows:

  1. You can bypass one or more detectors to avoid false alarms. For instance, if you left some window of your property open, you can simply bypass that detector when arming the rest.
  2. There is the option of group arming, which allows you to arm or disarm a designated group of detectors. For instance, if you want to arm first-floor detectors, you can use group arming.
  3. If you’ve security systems of Risco group installed at more than one property, you won’t need different devices for remote control. Instead, the multi-panel feature of the iRisco app allows you to manage different security systems conveniently.

Risco VUpoint Cameras Review

Yet another feature or innovation of Risco Group that has been making highlights for a long time is the Vupoint IP cameras installed in the security systems of Risco Group. So the Risco Group has been using WiFi and PoE cameras with high resolution of up to 4 MP.

With PoE and WiFi cameras, consumers can save themselves from the hassle of installing CCTV cameras. PoE cameras are IP cameras that use a single ethernet cable for network access and electric power. WiFi cameras use the cloud server to transmit or stream the footage. You can add as many PoE cameras to your systems as you want without any complicated installation.

Risco VuPoint Cameras from FHA Security
Risco VuPoint Cameras

VUpoint cameras of Risco Group, be it WiFi cameras or PoE cameras, are integrated with the windows-based video management software of Risco, VUpoint desktop. The users can use the software that is integrated with the cloud server for viewing multiple camera footage on a single screen, multi-side video monitoring, playback of recordings, live view, and a lot more.

The PoE cameras of Risco Group are as follows:

  • Bullet PoE 4MP
  • Cube PoE 4MP
  • EyeBall PoE 4MP
  • 4MP VF Bullet PoE
  • 4MP Dome PoE
  • 4MP 25x PTZ

Types Of Detectors Used In Risco Alarm Systems

The next main highlight of Risco security solutions is the wide range of safety detectors and sensors the security systems are equipped with. The users can add or leave certain detectors according to their specific needs.

Risco wired and wireless detectors
Risco’s choice of detectors

The types of detectors and sensors are as follows:

  • Wireless PIR Detectors like Watchout PIR, curtain sensors, 2-way wireless PET, and PIR sensors for accurate detection and prevention of false alarms
  • Safety detectors like wireless flood detectors, smoke and heat detector, wristband panic transmitter, and 2-button panic keyfob
  • Glass breaker detectors
  • Vibration detectors for seismic vibrations, shocks, etc
  • Sounders
  • Shock and Contact detectors like wireless windows & doors contact, 2-way wireless magnetic or multi-function contact detectors, etc.
  • Keypads and Kefobs
  • Indoor detectors
  • Outdoor detectors
  • Pet detectors
  • Commercial and industrial detectors for advanced needs

Positives Of Risco Alarms

We have already talked about the main highlights and features of Risco alarms and security solutions. But when a buyer is considering buying an alarm system, he will want a Risco alarm review telling why Risco Group is the better choice. So here are the positives of Risco alarms:

Great App

We won’t need to debate more about the capabilities and functionalities of the Risco mobile app or VUpoint Desktop app for camera streaming and control. The mobile app of Risco alarms synchronizes with all security solutions and turns a simple security system into a complete smart home. Whether you want to check history logs and past events or arm/disarm specific zones or detectors, the iRisco app can entertain you.

Best Budget Smart Alarm

Risco’s WiComm Pro is one of the best smart alarms for residential and small commercial installations in its price range.

Video and Image Control Over Security System

Vupoint Desktop app paired up with the PoE and WiFi cameras of high resolutions makes any security solution of Risco Group better than market competitors. With a home security solution or office security system from Risco Group, you can get access to live video streaming.

You can also get video & image notifications on your mobile app, as well as access the recordings of camera footage via the Risco Cloud server. Together, these functionalities give you better control over your security system.

Great hybrid alarm – Lightsys system

Whether you have an old wired alarm that needs replacing or upgrading to something new, Risco’s Lightsys is the only viable option to use existing cabling or even have a wired smart alarm installed.

With demand for wired alarms almost non-existent, most burglar alarm manufacturers have discontinued their wired range completely and stopped supporting their legacy wired systems.

Risco Lightsys 2 allows the system to be fully or partially wired, also allowing for wireless devices to be added, ideal for expanding legacy systems by adding new wireless devices.

Negatives Of Risco Alarms

The Risco alarm review won’t be complete if we don’t highlight the downsides or shortcomings of Risco alarms. So here are some negatives about the Risco Group and their solutions:

No End-User Support

Like most professional-grade alarms, Risco systems are only sold through their approved installers, and manufacturers’ support is only given to certified installers. While this can be annoying, it is a standard practice in the industry and Risco’s products are not designed to be installed or maintained by end users.

Luckily, at FHA Security, our team of engineers is trained and certified for all Risco products and has been working on Risco’s range of products for over a decade.

Systems Only Suitable For Small And Medium Spaces

The security solutions developed and manufactured by Risco Group are not a good fit for very large spaces or buildings. The alarm systems are sufficient to provide comprehensive security to small and medium-sized properties. You might consider moving to other options if you want a large-scale security system to cover large spaces.

No Free Add-On Services (Previously Free Of Charge)

The iRisco app for Risco alarm systems was a free-of-charge cloud service from Risco to work as a remote control for alarm systems. However, since 2020 this is now a chargeable service, which upset many customers.

In fairness, Risco does have its reasons for doing this.

  1. A cloud-connected service requires a well-maintained and secure server.
  2. Securing and maintaining such a system is expensive
  3. A cloud connection is an ongoing service.
  4. Most manufacturers now charge for their cloud services.
  5. Paying for a service like this is better than finding out the manufacturer has completely shut down such a service, rendering your smart system, well, not so smart!
  6. Risco systems allow installers to remotely work on, service, and troubleshoot problems on systems saving time and money and allowing speedier service.
  7. Risco’s app is the only Secured by Design-approved app for security systems.

Should You Consider Buying Risco Alarm System?

Despite all the alluring accessories, capabilities, and features of a security system, an end consumer is most concerned about only one question: should I consider buying the product?

So in the case of Risco alarms, we have a complete Risco alarm review in front of you. We dissected each alarm system into separate reviews: Agility 4 review, LightSYS 2 review, and Wicomm Pro review.

But if we have to answer the question of if Risco alarms are worth considering, the answer is here:

The security solutions of Risco Group are reliable and affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable security solutions for your home or small offices, there is no harm in considering Risco. However, if you want advanced solutions for the complex security needs of big infrastructures, you will need to find other options!

If you are looking for a quote for a fully customised Risco alarm, or not sure which model of Risco alarm to choose, or have a Risco alarm that you need help with, please do give us a call at FHA Security and we will be happy to help.