Texcom Alarm Review
Texecom Alarm Review from FHA Security

Texecom is one of the largest independent security system and intruder alarms specialist. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Texecom has emerged as one of the largest security system specialists in Europe and has a considerable share of the global security market, especially in commercial intruder alarm markets.

Today, we will guide you about the alarm systems of Texecom and which Texecom intruder alarm you should go with. We will also highlight the shortcomings and best features of Texecom burglar alarms so you should know which system meets your requirements comprehensively.

So let’s get into it.

Texecom Intruder Alarms

As highlighted, Texecom is one of the largest companies in the security systems industry, and so are the Texecom intruder alarms. Texecom has different types of burglar alarm panels that address the needs of various properties and users.

The company has both wired and wireless security systems according to the customers’ needs. Premier Elite and Veritas are two series of Texecom intruder alarms, and each system meets international security standards.

Premier Elite

Premier Elite series of Texecom burglar alarms have a range of panels that address the concerns of business users as well as homeowners looking to get the system installed at their properties. Premier Elite is the most advanced series of the company’s alarm systems that features Ricochet wireless technology.

All burglar alarms of the Premier Elite series have a unified & comprehensive system architecture that can fulfill the needs of customers having a small installation area to complex needs like businesses. However, the cost of the Premier Elite can be on the higher side as compared to other alarms and panels. It is because the system is comprehensive to provide you with full home automation rather than just a security system.

The main burglar alarms and panels in the Premier Elite series are as follows:

  1. Premier Elite 640
  2. Premier Elite 168
  3. Premier Elite 88
  4. Premier Elite 64-W Live
  5. Premier Elite 64-W
  6. Premier Elite 48
  7. Premier Elite 24
  8. Premier Elite 24(Polymer)
Texecom Alarm Control Panels


The Veritas series of Texecom intruder alarms might not be as popular as the Premier Elite, but the series has been in the market for many years. Veritas R8 and R8 Plus are the most popular alarm panels of the series.

Some of the Veritas series alarm systems fall in the Grade 1 Class II system category that complies with British Standards PD6662: 2017 of the security systems, instead of Grade 2 and upwards which is a requirement for most insurance-approved alarms.

Besides, some of the alarm systems and panels in the Veritas series are popular as DIY alarm systems that are easy to operate and fix. Even more, the series is for users looking for a more affordable home or business alarm system. Make sure your alarm panel meets the standards you may require for monitoring or police response requirements.

The main alarm systems in the Veritas series are as follows:

  1. Veritas Excel
  2. Veritas R8 Plus
  3. Veritas R8
  4. Veritas 8 Compact
  5. Veritas 8
Texecom Alarm Sirens Odyssey X1 and Odyssey X3 Models
Texecom Alarm Sirens

Features Of Texecom Intruder Alarms

Regardless of which series and which panel you order for installation at your property, here are the main features and capabilities inherent to Texecom intruder alarms:

Control Panel Accessories

When you order a Texecom burglary alarm, you get an accessory of scalability, making these security systems fit for a small home to a big office. The Premier Elite series of Texecom has the capability of multiple zone expanders and a unified programming platform that can control & manage numerous peripheral devices without any hassle. You also get the option of a wide range of connectors and converters to have a smooth installation & usage experience of the Texecom alarm systems.

The largest panel supports up to 640 zones!

Texecom Keypads - Premier Elite Keypad and Ricochet Wireless Keypad
Texecom Keypads

Motion Detectors

If we talk about a sound alarm system, motion detection is the most significant aspect that decides the efficiency of a security system. And when it comes to Texecom alarm systems, they have motion detectors with good catch performance.

The motion detector technology of Texecom is characterized by decent PIR sensors, EN50131-2 certification, and flicker-free detections due to the superior performance of microwave detections. Microwave motion detection also reduces the disturbance caused due to fluorescent lights on your property.

For more accuracy, the customers also have the choice of detection mode among DT (PIR & Microwave detection for maximum performance), PW(Petwise) on properties prone to pet intrusion, and CW (Clockwise) for enhanced performance.

Ricochet Wireless Technology

Ricochet wireless system also has self-healing functionality in case the connection between two devices weakens due to an interruption in the signaling route. The other features of Ricochet-enabled wireless security systems include two-way communication between devices & control systems as well as mesh networks to support several wireless devices for a comprehensive security system.

Digital Services For Value Addition

Digital services of Texecom alarm systems are yet another add-on you can get to control your home’s security better. The Texecom SmartCom communicators allow the users to connect the Texecom intruder alarms with the digital services of Texecom via WiFi, Mobile Data(4G), or Ethernet, according to your convenience.

Texecom Cloud

The Texecom cloud account allows the customers to have a remote management system or Texcom Connect to control the security system installed on their property. Yet another digital service of Texecom is Texecom Monitor, which integrates seamlessly with the Premier Elite series for simpler & quick alarm communications.

Compliance With International Security Standards

The company has a clean chit if we talk about the compliance of Texecom intruder alarms with international and UK security standards. Most of the intruder alarms and security systems of Texecom meet commercial-grade wireless technology as well as the highest standards of the UK security system requirements.

Is Texecom Alarm any good?

It depends on who you ask and what the system is used for! Let us look at some of the good features of the system.

Positives of Texecom Intruder Alarms

Tailored Security Systems

The first good thing about the alarm systems of Texecom is that the company has tailored solutions for different types of users and security needs. From motion detectors to peripheral devices and technology to tailored to high-end and large property installations, Texecom allows customers to design their security system.

Texecom Connect App

Like all other manufacturers, Texecom has pivoted towards smart connectivity with Texecom Connect app to allow 24/7 control and convenience to access your alarm system directly from your mobile phone or tablet. You can manage who can access your security system, adjust the system settings, and even have real-time access to your property via cameras. The Texecom Connect app makes the company’s security systems provide a better experience and smarter homes & business premises.


Being considered a professional-grade alarm, Texecom alarms are recommended and fitted by approved Installers with experience in the product range.

Shortcomings Of Texecom Intruder Alarms

Some of the shortcomings we have found with Texecom intruder alarms and those reported by our customers are as follows:

False Triggers

A problem customers report is the false alarm triggers when a pet of over 25 kg moves around the property. The Petwise motion detection mode of Texecom promises correct detection for up to 35 kg weighing pets. However, the customer feedback says otherwise about the claims made by the company.

Battery Outage

Some users have also reported issues with the security system’s battery which completely goes out if there is a power outage of anywhere between 2 hours to 3 hours. The main system battery is not chargeable and goes completely flat in case of a power outage. It means you will have additional expenses every now and then if your property faces frequent power outages.

Need a Professional Team Of Engineers

Most of the alarm systems of Texecom are not DIY, and you will need professionals to take care of installation, servicing, and fixing any issues. So if you have been looking for a DIY alarm system, look at options other than Texecom.

There are fewer engineers who work on old fashioned wired alarms than before and that brings its own challenges to the industry and particularly to products like Texecom.

As a professional installation company that deals with over 40 products, we looked at Texecom 3-4 times over the last decade or so, and opted not to take on Texecom alarms. One reason was a lack of a wireless keypad to go with wireless alarm systems and the number of years it took for them to release the product.


Considering most Texecom products have focused on their wired product range for commercial and large installations with sometimes up to 640 zones, we often find high-end Texecom products are over-specified for smaller properties and residential customers.


With most consumers, end-users, and manufacturers focusing on the user interface, look and feel of products, Texecom alarm panels, keypads, and accessories come across as outdated and perhaps a decade behind, compared to some of the more stylish products from the likes of Qolsys and similar products we currently offer.

What to do with your existing Texecom Alarm?

Already have an old Texecom alarm that needs fixing or upgrading? Our team at FHA Security has considerable experience in upgrading old wired Texecom alarms to something modern. We can upgrade using existing devices in your alarm, or by using some of the existing cabling,s or into something completely new, like a smart wireless alarm with home automation capabilities.

Final Words

This is an independent Texecom alarm review based on the expertise of some of our security professionals and engineers who has knowledge of the system. Besides, we have also factored in the customer feedback and reviews of Texecom alarm users to give you honest advice about security alarms.

If you are considering a new alarm system, you should definitely shortlist it for high-end commercial installations and for residential or smaller commercial sites, there are plenty of smarter, easier-to-use, and better-suited products out there.