Visonic Powermaster 30 Burglar Alarm - Everything you need to know!
Visonic Powermaster 30 Wireless Burglar Alarm

Security systems and burglar alarms effectively prevent any mishap like fire, burglary, or a medical emergency. Over 40% of UK households have installed any form of a burglar alarm. We can estimate the effectiveness of burglar alarms and security systems because 9 out of 10 burglars prefer to target a property with no burglar alarm or security.

Different brands manufacture wired and wireless security systems and alarms. Undoubtedly Visonic has been making a big difference in the industry with its cutting-edge technology and security systems. The company has wired(older versions) and wireless(battery-powered newer models) burglar alarms.

Without going into the comparison, wireless alarms are more affordable, easy to install, and convenient to use than wired ones. Visonic Powermaster 30 alarm is also a wireless security system for commercial and residential consumers. In today’s article, we are going to talk about Visonic Powermaster 30 Alarm and everything you need to know about this security system.

History Of Visonic

Firstly, let’s talk a bit about the history of Visonic, the company behind the unbeatable security systems and alarms. Moshe and Yaacov Kotlicki established Visonic in 1973. The Israel-based company started operations as a high-quality electronic security systems and components manufacturer.

It took 3 decades until the firm became a public limited company and got listed on the London Stock Exchange (main list) in 2004. After its international recognition, it took two years to get listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in 2006.

In 2011, Tyco International Inc. acquired Visonic for $100 million, which is now a private company. Since the acquisition, Visonic has never looked back and has kept expanding the brand’s product portfolio. The company, headquartered in Kiryat Gat, Israel, has sales in more than 100 countries, including Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South & North America.

The company currently has 90 registered patents and 40 patent applications under examination. The cutting-edge technology paired with revolutionary designs has enabled the company to develop and manufacture the highest quality security systems for all consumers worldwide! And there is indeed more to come.

PowerMaster Range And PowerMaster 30

Powermaster Range of Visonic is the most successful product line with advanced features. All the products of the PowerMaster Family use cutting-edge PowerG wireless network technology.

Whether the residential or commercial needs, the products of the Powermaster family are robust and reliable wireless solutions comparable to wired security systems. The PowerMaster range include the following control panels working using the same family of PowerG wireless sensors.

Visonic Powermaster Control Panels 10, 30, 33, 360R and Qolsys
Visonic Powermaster Series Control Panels

PowerMaster-30 G2 is a wireless security alarm system equipped with advanced security alarms. The advanced monitoring applications, superior range, and wireless robustness are the features that make it an outstanding security alarm for professional use.

The IFSEC International Security Industry Award Winner product of Visonic has 64 zones and innovatory PowerG network technology. PowerMaster 30 operates on non-chargeable batteries, and you can stay connected 24/7.

Key Features

Let’s talk about the key features of the PowerMaster 30 Alarm:

Visonic Powermaster 30 Burglar Alarm fitted and serviced by FHA Security
Visonic PowerMaster 30 Burglar Alarm Fitted to PD 6662:2017 standard by FHA Security

1.    Grade 2 EN 50131 standard

Grade 2 EN 50131 standard for Intruder Alarm Systems is the maximum grading for burglary alarms operating on wireless technology. The standard was introduced in 1997 and then updated in 2006 to further describe the system requirements for the alarms. EN 50131 satisfies the need to prevent a robbery from burglars having specialised knowledge and expertise in security alarms.

Visonic PowerMaster G-30 satisfies the European Grade 2 EN 50131 standard. Therefore, it is a perfect alarm system for your residential and commercial property, whether you want to secure your place from external intruders or take care of disabled/elderly family members and children.

2.    2-way Communication PowerG Sensors

Visonic PowerMaster 30 features PowerG sensors that are undoubtedly the most popular for the level of security, wireless range, and two-way communications. The military-grade 128-bit AES encryption sensors have a wireless range of around 2000 feet. It means the PowerMaster 30 is able to cover large areas without repeaters.

The two-way communication between the alarm panel and PowerG Sensor enables adaptive transmission. It implies that the sensor can adapt the outgoing signal to reach the panel without expending too much energy. Besides, your system can also report faults more quickly to the monitoring stations.

3.    Smart capabilities – GSM and IP Modules

GSM/GPRS and IP modules can be integrated into PowerMaster 30 and placed inside the panel. The GSM unit with the alarm system allows you to receive notifications via SMS and calls from the GSM sim card placed inside the control panel. The alarm can send notifications to 4 pre-selected telephone numbers you feed into your panel.

Additionally, IP modules make it a contemporary smart alarm system remote control via Visonic-Go mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices. The VisonicGo app allows remote arming and disarming, checking system status, and receiving system notifications via the app.

Both GSM and IP modules as well as other dedicated communication modules could be used for third-party monitoring and police response for the alarm system.

4.    Landline connected calling features- how to upgrade it

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is a telecommunication network that enables voice communications in your alarm system. When your system is using the PSTN, it uses your landline to communicate with you and the monitoring station if the alarm is triggered.

Visonic PowerMaster 30 has a PSTN module built-in and this calling features you can rely on for event reporting. Even you can capitalise on the landline calling for automatic prompts of different events.

Please be advised, the UK is digitising all its landlines and is discontinuing analogue landlines by 2025, so this functionality will come to end soon. You can read more about this update here. We can either add a GSM module for you to continue to receive notifications from the alarm using a sim card inside the panel or add an IP module for smart app connectivity.

5.    BS8243 Compliance

As already mentioned, the PowerMaster 30 of Visonic complies with BS8243 which translates to the British standard for the design, installation, and configuration of security alarm systems. BS8243-compliant alarm systems are better enabled to recognise the risk of false alarms. In essence, such alarm systems have better confirmation technology.

Please be advised, the system will need to be installed to PD 6662:2017 standards by a SSAIB or NSI certified company and issue the certificate to get the benefit of any insurance discounts.

6.    Multiple Arming Zones

There are 64 detector zones, and you can set the name and number of each detector zone. Each zone relates to a sensor in a particular area of the property. You can set up the arming zones to notify you whenever a sensor in a particular area gets triggered.

7.    System Monitoring and Control

With all the PowerMaster products, you get total control from the central monitoring station. You can remotely control the panel for arming and disarming and perform wireless connection diagnostics. You do not need any hardware switches or manual opening of peripherals as they are directly configured from the panel.

8. Wide choice of internal and perimeter sensors. 

Powermaster range has the full range of internal sensors available for most commercial and residential applications. The range includes full range of door contacts (MC-309, MC302V, MC-302, and MC-303), Motion Detector MP-802, Curtain PIR Detector, Shock Detector SD-304, Ceiling mount wireless detectors MP-862 and MP872, Glass Breaker detector GB-502, Dual tech sensors Tower-32AM and Tower-30AM.  

Full range of Visonic Powermaster Burglar alarm accessories
Sample of Accessories for Visonic Powermaster Alarm

9. Camera Sensors

Once an IP module or GSM module is inserted, you have the choice to add motion sensors with built-in cameras to any Powermaster alarm. If the alarm is activated, the camera PIRs can take pictures and send them to your app, enabling you to visually confirm a break-in. This allows you to call the police in a real break-in and ignore the alarm notification if it is your family member setting the alarm off accidentally.

10. External Sensors

Powerful external sensors from Visonic allow for enhanced perimeter protection. These are Tower-20 AM PG2 external sensor, Tower-20 CAM PG2 Camera external sensor, Outdoor Magnetic contact MC-312, and outdoor Curtain PIR Detector MP-902 PG2. These strategically placed external sensors enable intruder detection even before anyone approaches the property and damage any doors or windows.

11. Other Accessories

Additionally, there are many arming stations available, ranging from the basic wireless keypad (KP-241) to the elegant touchscreen keypads (KP-160 and KP-250), as well as proximity tags and remote control key fobs (KF-234 and KF-235).

Visonic Powermaster Wireless Keypad KP-160, displayed by FHA Security
Visonic PowerMaster Wireless Touchscreen Keypad KP-160

Additionally, there are smoke detectors, smoke and heat detectors, flood detectors, and temperature detectors.

There is also a choice of internal and external sirens. 

Visonic also provides repeaters to increase wireless range, however, they are rarely needed, unless in a large-scale industrial installation.

Service and Maintenance

We already talked about the main highlights and key features of PowerMaster 30, making it a competitive alarm system even in 2022. Whether you have installed the Visonic PowerMaster 30 at your home or in your office, you must know about the service and maintenance of the alarm system.

So here is everything you need to know about the maintenance of your already installed PowerMaster 30.

Please be advised, Powermaster 30 is a professional-grade alarm system and it is NOT designed for end-user service. The system meets the highest standards for anti-tamper and anti-masking and often, untrained people damage it while improperly servicing the system.

The following information should only be used as a general guideline; if you encounter any system errors, please contact your certified Visonic installer for assistance. If you do not have an installer, we will be happy to assist you.

1.     Recommended Frequency – Annual Service

Although the PowerMaster 30 is a highly advanced wireless alarm control system to secure your property and gives you better control over your home. However, regardless of how good, every system needs maintenance and servicing at regular intervals.

When it comes to Visonic Alarm PowerMaster 30, if it has third-party monitoring with police response, it is mandatory to get your alarm system serviced every 6 months to make sure that everything is working perfectly. However, if you do not have a police response, then you should get it serviced once a year.

Besides, you should also make sure to test your alarm system for any faults or issues at least once a month. This practice will help you locate and fix the faults and risks before they become a real problem. The tests you can conduct on your own are conducted in four parts: siren test, temperature sensor test, all devices tests, and other device tests.

2.     Common Faults

Here is the list of common faults and quick fixes for your Visonic alarm system:

2.1. Powermaster trouble warning

In general, when there is a problem with the configuration of the control panel, battery consumption increases abruptly, or a device or detector stops reporting to the control panel for a period of time, it results in an error display.

In the first two cases, the fault is 1-Way. When a device is unable to be detected by the control panel, it shows the error MISSING. To fix a 1-WAY fault, make sure to check your device is physically present and has enough battery charging. If both conditions are fulfilled, it could be faulty, and you need to contact your Visonic Service Team.

The engineer will run a diagnosis, and try to replace the device and battery depending on the results of quick fixes.

2.2. Alarm in memory

In case when you see the error message stating Not Ready to Arm – Alarm In Memory, it is normal to panic for a moment as you are getting late to reach somewhere. However, it is the time when you have to dig a bit and locate the actual problem. It can be due to an alarm, wireless siren, live failures, or CPU failure. You will need the assistance of your Visonic Service Team.

2.3.  Tamper warning

CPU TAMPER is an error your panel shows when a related problem appears. It indicates anything related to the panel’s battery, battery lid, or any changes to the panel. CPU TAMPER is the standard message you will see, meaning physical tampering with the control panel or when its cover is opened. The error also suggests that the panel is removed from the wall.

We strongly advise against attempting to solve this yourself since you risk damaging the Powermaster 30 control panel’s tamper, which would require you to replace the control panel and reprogram all of the sensors into the new panel.

2.4.  Low battery warning

CPU LOW BATTERY is the message you will see when there is a problem with the panel’s battery. Either the battery is weak, or it needs to be replaced. To fix the problem, consider checking the AC power availability to the panel. If the problem doesn’t go away after 72 hours, it’s time to replace the battery pack of your control panel.

An error message ‘LOW BATTERY’ can also indicate a problem with the battery of sensors, wireless commander, or keyfob. Replace the battery of devices in case of non-rechargeable batteries. Otherwise, check the AC Power supply and connectivity to the respective devices.

2.5.  No power on the panel

AC FAILURE is the error message when the control panel is not connected to the AC power and is running on the backup batteries. All you need to do to fix the problem is connect the AC power supply to the control panel.

To do so, connect the power cable and close the control panel. If you are not sure about it, you can always call your Visonic Service Team to be on your side for quick resolution of the faults and errors.

This could also be caused by a failed transformer in the control panel that may need replacing. In such cases, your Visonic Service Team will be able to replace it and get the system working again.

2.6.  Communication failure

The communication failure errors of the Visonic PowerMaster 30 can be of many types and can be indicated by different codes and error messages.

2.6.1. Jamming

A radio-frequency signal blocks the communication channel of sensors and control panels.

2.6.2. Not Networked

Incorrect installation of a device, failure to establish communication between sensors and control panels, or no installation at all.

2.6.3. Line Failure

It represents a problem with the telephone line. The panel is not able to detect line voltage on the PSTN module.

2.6.4. RSSI Low

The GSM communicator is experiencing a weak mobile network signal.

2.7.  PowerMaster 30 Code Reset

If you have a Visonic Powermaster 30 alarm and do not know the user code, master code, and/or engineer’s code, you will need to contact FHA Security. As a Visonic specialist company, our engineers are trained and certified by Visonic to reset the system and generate new codes for your alarm.

Visonic Powermaster 30 and FHA Security

Whether you want the regular service or testing of your Visonic PowerMaster 30, are having troubles with the installation of your unit, or want to address any faults interrupting the panel’s functioning, FHA Security is your Visonic specialist Installation and Service Provider. FHA Security is a multi-award winning highly reviewed and rated alarm installation company covering England.

Why contact FHA Security for any problem, fault, or help regarding Visonic PowerMaster 30?

  1. We specialise in Visonic alarm installation and services.
  2. We have over 10 years of experience working on Visonic Alarms.
  3. Our engineers are trained and certified to work on Visonic Alarms.
  4. We can do a one-off callout to fix any errors on your system.
  5. At fixed costs, we can offer excellent all-inclusive maintenance plans for your Visonic alarm.
  6. Even if you do not have all codes, or the panel is showing multiple beeps, trouble warnings, or false alarms, we can service it, fix all problems and replace all parts that need replacing.
  7. We stock all parts required to be replaced, in our vans.
  8. We look after thousands of Visonic alarms throughout England, and all our work is guaranteed.

The Visonic service booking team can be reached at 020 3137 8727 or you can fill out a call-back request form here.