While we’ve all heard that burglaries happen when no one is home, according to the Telegraph, nearly 58% of burglaries occur when someone is at home. A live burglary is a terrible and frightening situation that no one wants to be in. However, with so many reported cases, it is critical that we are always prepared to deal with such a situation. Dealing with burglars can be dangerous because they may be armed. Any action taken under duress or in a state of panic can be hazardous to you or your family.
This article will teach you how to deal with such a situation without endangering yourself or your family.

1) Escape your house

Escape your house when an intruder breaks in

As much as we do not want to be a victim of such a crime, we must have a plan in place if we are stuck in a situation like this.

The first thing you should think of is to escape and immediately reach a safe place. You may need to take an unusual route to get out of your house. But that’s the best way to make sure you don’t get hurt because you don’t know the intentions of these intruders. Maybe they’re carrying a weapon that could harm you.

You can pop into your neighbour’s home, too, if you’re not sure where to go. Alternatively, if possible, you can pick up your car keys and lock yourself in there.

Once you’re sure you’re safe, the next thing you need to do is call the police at 999 and give them important details — your name, your complete address, and what’s the emergency.

Wait until the police arrive.

2) Lock yourself in a room

lock yourself in a room when an intruder breaks in

In this situation, it may not be possible for all of us to escape from our house. In that case, lock yourself in a room that’s safe for you. You know, the intruder might try to break your door. It is, therefore, best to lock yourself in a room with a sturdy door. Try to do it without making any noise as it might attract the attention of the intruder.

Once you’ve locked yourself up, call the police immediately. Dial 999 and provide the necessary details. Until the police arrive, stay tight and stay calm.

3) Maintain silence

Maintain silence when an intruder breaks in

Once you’ve informed the police, stay quiet and listen to what’s going on. There might be more than one intruder in your house. It’s best to hear their plan and get as many details as you can. It will certainly help the police in their investigation.

Now some of us might get in a panic mode and make some noise. This could alert the intruders, and they might come after you. This isn’t exactly what you want to happen.

Some people might even try to confront them with a weapon like a baseball or a hard object. Don’t try to get hold of the intruder unless you’re a trained professional. You never know what they’re capable of. They might even be carrying any weapon with themselves that might hurt you.

It’s best to remain silent until the help comes.

4) Be prepared to defend yourself

Be prepared to defend yourself when you encounter an intruder in your home

It’s best to keep a tough object around you that you can use to defend yourself in case you’re stuck in a similar situation. It could be something like a baseball or a knife. The aim is to defend yourself in the event in case they reach out to you in your room before you can do anything.

If that’s the case, try hitting the intruder at the weakest point, like the eyes, nose, knees, or neck. You can even keep a spray close to you that you can use if you need it.

5) Have a plan in place for your family

Make sure your family is in a safe place when an intruder breaks into your home

If you have a family at home with you, make sure you’ve discussed with each of them about what to do if you’re in a situation like that. You should train them well, especially if you have children at home. You might want to talk about meeting in a commonplace, maybe a room in your house. Or get away from the house and pop into your neighbour’s home. But if none of these options is possible for them, they can even lock themselves in their room and stay put until the help arrives.

The option will vary depending on the situation you’re in. Make sure you’ve been thinking about every possibility with your family members and have an action plan well in advance.

This is going to help you and your family, and it won’t be a shock for anyone when you are in a similar situation.

Home Security Advice

Security advice from the experts

Nobody wants to be a victim of burglary. And most of us are even trying our best by taking preventive measures to secure our homes. This is where a home alarm system can be a blessing to us. It’s a threat to the life of a burglar, as they alert you immediately if an intrusion is suspected and call for help. It will either call the local police directly or a third party who is monitoring your home. Even a CCTV system is quite efficient and records the footage 24 * 7.

Burglars are often afraid of these systems, as it may interrupt their work once it has been triggered. They even avoid attacking houses with a security system, which is easily spotted from outside. It’s best to have an alarm or a CCTV system installed in your home to scare the burglars.

FHA Security is a home security expert offering a wide range of fully customised alarm systems and CCTVs for your property.

If you’re looking to set up a security system in your home, please get in touch with us. Our team of experts will conduct a property survey and provide you with the best recommendations for your property.