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Risco CommPact Wireless Home Smart Burglar Alarm with Remote Access App
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Standard Features
  • Backup Battery
  • Standard Warranty
  • Remote Keyfob
  • Insurance Approved
  • Pet Friendly
  • Smartphone App
  • Live Siren
Fitted Price
Incl VAT
Price Break Up
  • Deposit

    £ 100

  • 12 x Month

    £ 33.25

  • 24 x Month

    £ 16.62

  • 36 x Month

    £ 11.08

  • Stock Available
  • Ready to fit within 5 days
CommPact Control Panel
CommPact Control Panel

The Control panel is the brain to the alarm which allows you to arm and disarm the system. It is connected to the main PowerPoint and has a backup battery for when there is a power failure, all devices are wirelessly connected to this unit.

CommPact Wireless Door Contact

Door & Window Contact is a wireless accessory that is paired with your Burglar Alarm. When the door or window connected to it is opened this triggers the alarm.

CommPact Remote Control KeyFob - FHAec8w
CommPact Remote Control KeyFob

Remote Key Fob is a wireless accessory that is paired with your burglar alarm to arm or disarm your alarm system remotely away from the panel. Sized to fit on a key ring.

CommPact Siren Box - FHAyqet
CommPact Siren Box

Live Siren is Wireless and is operated by a Lithium battery. The siren is connected to the main panel via Wifi. When the alarm is triggered it lights up and sound for up to 7 mins, the siren output is 110 decibels.

CommPact Pir Motion Sensor/Pet

PET-PIR Motion Detector is a passive infrared sensor that measures infrared light that is radiated off moving objects that emit heat, this sensor has a filter which allows your pet to move around freely without triggering the alarm. It is ideal for a small house pet of less than 27 kg.

iRisco App
iRisco app- £3/month from Jan 2021

iRISCO enables you to remotely control your RISCO security system and retrieve live video monitoring and event notifications.


Risco Commpact alarm is the most budget-friendly professional graded smart burglar alarm. It is suitable for people who are looking for a cost-effective alarm system. The system also comes with pet-friendly PIR sensors that minimise false alarms that are triggered due to pet movements.

Commpact alarm is a comprehensive alarm system that offers enhanced interior and perimeter protection and offers complete protection indoors and outdoors.
It comes with a smartphone app with a monthly subscription of £3 a month and offers you advanced connectivity. It uses your broadband connectivity to connect to your phone. It allows you to self-monitor your home, perform actions remotely and keep a check on your home anytime while you are out. You can receive real-time SMS and email alerts in cases of intrusion. On top of it, you can send commands for arming and disarming the system and conducting remote status checks.

CommPact Pir Motion Sensor/Pet
CommPact Wireless Door Contact
CommPact CO Wireless Detector
CommPact External Motion Sensor
CommPact Remote Control KeyFob - FHAec8w
CommPact Remote Control KeyFob
CommPact Wireless Smoke Sensor
Commpact vibration sensor
CommPact Wireless Vibration Sensor
Backup Battery

Our alarms come with backup battery and will continue to work even under any power failures. It will also warn you of the power failure.

Standard Warranty

All our systems come with a minimum of 1 year warranty as standard. Add our maintenance plan to get 10 year unlimited warranty!

Remote Keyfob

Remote control Keyfob allows operating the burglar alarm from a distance, without the need for punching your user code. You can use it when you go out and also at night – handy to do it from bed and the keyfob can also work as a portable panic button.

Insurance Approved

This is a British Standard Grade 2 certified system meeting EN 50131 standard, which is the most common Insurance requirement. Some insurance providers may have other specific monitoring or keyholding requirements, which may also be met with this alarm.

Pet Friendly

The motion sensors are pet tolerant and will ignore movement of smaller animals within the property. This will allow you to leave your pets behind when you arm your alarm.

Smartphone App

Connected to broadband, this alarm comes with a smartphone app for iphone and android devices, allowing you to control the system from anywhere. You can turn it on and off, check status    

Live Siren

External audible siren box fitted on the outside wall

Extended Warranty

Our maintenance plan includes 10 years extended warranty, at an all-inclusive fixed cost service, extended warranty on all fixed parts, and free callouts and cost of replacing parts and batteries. There is no fixed term contract, you can cancel any time you wish.

Smoke Detection

Add smoke detection sensors to get alerted if there is a fire. They call trigger the alarm and alert keyholders if needed – handy if the fire happens when you are away

Proximity Tag

Proximity tags ease use of operating your burglar alarm. You can swipe them against your control panel/ keypad rather than punching your user codes.

Pet Friendly

The motion sensors are pet tolerant and will ignore movement of smaller animals within the property. This will allow you to leave your pets behind when you arm your alarm.

Frequency :
Telecommunicating : yes
Zone controllable : yes
No Of Devices :
Smoke Alarm Integration : yes
British Standard EN-50131 : yes
Wireless Siren Included : yes
Support GSM Module : yes
Mobile App : yes
Speach Dialer : yes
External Siren : yes
Camera PIR : yes
Log Events :
Built in internal siren : yes
Voice prompts : yes
Sensor wakeup :
User Codes :
BS8243 Compliant : yes
Petfriendly : yes
Peripheral battery life :
Semi detached
Terraced house
Flat / Apartment
Ratings & Reviews
RISCO commpact smart burglar alarm

Cost-efficient, wireless, compact, professional alarm system. Very convenient with a simple-to-use smartphone app. This is our entry-level smart alarm, which comes with an alert and remote access app.

18-06-2020 10:21 am
Expert reviews
Can I use the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm when I go to bed at night ?

Yes you can, all our CommPact alarms are zone controllable. You can use them in the day when you go out and in the night when you sleep, where only part of the alarm will work. The idea is, you can get up and go to the toilet without triggering your burglar alarm but will go off if a burglar tries to break while you are in bed.

Will the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm alert me when it is triggered ?

Yes, it will. The CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm has a built-in WiFi communicator. The system will use your home broadband to alert your mobile phone apps in an event.



Does the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm come with a Smartphone app ?

Yes. The CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm does have a Smartphone app with on monthly fees or monitoring charges. Also, take a look at the Visonic Powermaster and Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.

Can you add camera sensors to the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm ?

No, the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm does not support motion sensors with built-in cameras. Have a look at our Visonic Powermaster and Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.

What are the requirements for fitting the CommPact Wireless GSM Alarm ?

Risco CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm requires a power supply for the control panel and wireless broadband for smart phone app connectivity.

Can you make the Risco CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm pet friendly ?

Yes, we have Pet-friendly CommPact PIR Motion sensors that we would use where required. CommPact PET detectors can work with pets up to 26 kilograms in weight.

Is the CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm Insurance approved ?

CommPact Wireless WiFi Alarm is a British Standard alarm and complies with EN50131 standards. We are SSAIB registered and install British Standard alarms to its highest configuration. An SSAIB certificate is available on request.

Is the app chargeable?

Most security manufacturers are now charging a fee to cover the ever-increasing cost of maintaining their servers and to increase protection again cyber-attacks which can directly affect the security of your home. Risco’s app service is chargeable at £3 / month from 2021, payable by direct debit. It affects all existing and new customers using Risco’s cloud services.

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