Risco Agility 4 Camera Wireless Home Burglar Alarm With Mobile App (Built-In GSM and IP Module)

This Risco Agility 4 burglar alarm kit comes with additional camera sensors with our standard Risco Agility 4 burglar alarm kit (in-built GSM and IP module).

Standard Features
  • Backup Battery
  • Standard Warranty
  • Live Siren
  • Proximity Tag
  • Insurance Approved
  • Pet Friendly
  • Camera Sensor
  • Smartphone App
  • Call Alert - Simcard

Fitted Price Incl VAT

£ 979 £ 1079.00 £ 100.00 off

Fitted Price Incl VAT

£ 979 £ 1079.00 £ 100.00 off
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This Risco Agility 4 burglar alarm kit comes with additional camera sensors with our standard Risco Agility 4 burglar alarm kit (in-built GSM and IP module).

It has the same features as that of our "Risco Agility 4 kit without camera sensors".

The only addition would be the camera sensors that help you monitor your home from the smartphone app. You can also visually verify the alarm triggers from your phone, offering interactive and automated protection in every way.

What can you expect from Risco Agility 4 Burglar Alarm (in-built GSM and IP module)?

1) It uses the GSM sim to alert you on your phone and connects to your broadband network to offer smartphone app connectivity.

2) Its cloud service allows you to connect other smart home devices to offer an end-to-end smart security solution.

3) It is quick and easy to install and come with remote maintenance capabilities.

4) The smartphone app gives you remote access that allows you to control, monitor and manage your system virtually.

5) It offers a smartphone app that uses Risco cloud services and comes with a monthly subscription of 3 a month payable by direct debit, a 12-month rolling subscription contract.

6) The camera sensors allow you to verify the alarm triggers on your smartphone app visually.

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Standard Warranty

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Almost all of our alarms can be self-monitored or monitored by a third party depending on your personal preference or insurance requirements.

1) Self-monitored alarms have cheaper on-going costs as they either use your landline (PSTN) or sim card (GSM) within the alarm to contact you directly.

2) The third-party monitored alarm alerts our 24/7 Alarm Response Center (ARC) and may call key holders and/or police depending on your package.

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