Complete Protection with FHA Burglar Alarms custom-designed for every home.

All our burglar alarmsare custom-made to offer you maximum protection and deter burglars. Choose and customise from our wide range of burglar alarm kits and get comfort and peace.

Our Burglar Alarm Features.

  • Choose from the widest selection of professionally fitted burglar alarms in the UK.
  • Select from a choice of magnetic contacts, motion detectors, curtain detectors and other perimeter protection products.
  • All our alarms are wireless - tidy install, easy to use and unlimited customisation.
  • Get a selection of external and internal sirens.
  • Get all the alerts and notifications in real-time on your phone.
  • Smart alarms blend with your smart home seamlessly. Integrate your smart alarm with your other smart devices and manage, control, and operate centrally.
  • The smartphone app gives you remote access control and allows you to take a sneak peek into your home anytime.
  • Camera sensors allow you to video and photo verify every time an alarm is triggered and helps you identify false triggers.
  • Get advanced home automation integration with our advanced smart alarms.

Customise your Alarm System

If you are unsure about which alarm system to purchase, answer a few questions, and we will help you find the ideal burglar alarm for your property.

Why Choose FHA as your Security Partner?

  • Excellent Reviews: We are among the highest reviewed and ranked security companies in the UK on multiple independent review platforms like Google and Trustpilot.
  • Fully custom and fitted Security Solutions: You get complete protection with our custom-built and professionally fitted security solution tailored to your specific needs.
  • You own the products – from day 1: We do not work on a lease or fixed-term contract basis. So the security system will be fully owned by you from day one.
  • Express Installation Service: If you are in a hurry, we can install the system for you within 24 hours. Use our quick fitting service and get your security system installed within 24 hours, 48 hours or a weekend.
  • Extended Warranty: Get a long term warranty of up to 10 years on all our burglar alarms. With our unique extended warranty and service plan, all our alarm systems are protected to ensure long-term performance and efficiency. All our service and maintenance contracts are flexible. You can cancel them anytime without paying any cancellation fees.
  • Flexible Finance: If you do not wish to pay the full amount, you can choose one of our finance options. We are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority and offer a choice of flexible finance options.
  • Insurance Approved: We are an SSAIB certified installer, and all our engineers are security screened to the highest standards in the UK for your protection.

Our Ongoing Support & Services

End-to-End Professional Installation

All our systems are professionally installed within 3 to 5 working days of order, subject to availability of stock and engineers.

Express Installation Services

Quick installation services are available with a shorter wait time, typically within 24-48 hours of your order or on a Saturday.

Alarm Maintenance Services

You can either choose our all-inclusive fixed-cost maintenance plans with an extended warranty or can choose as and when you need our one-off service.

Alarm Monitoring Services

Our burglar alarms come with monitoring features. You can either choose the self-monitoringfeature with no ongoing charges or opt for a third-party monitoring service with an additional fee.

Standard Warranty

All our security systems come with a one-year standard onsite warranty; this includes free calls to fix any problems and replace any faulty parts.


Our industry-leading maintenance plan comes with up to 10-year extended warranty that includes annual service with an extended warranty for all fixed parts.

Customer Review


Expert Review

2 years ago

One of the most reliable, and all rounder, smart alarms in UK market. Only smart phone app to get Secured by Design approval. Overall a good premium range wireless system with mutiple communication options, camera sensors and a choice of internal and external detectors. and the app works like a charm. I would definitely recommend.


Nicola Lejk

1 year ago

Thanks guys for recommending Qolsys (still cant get the name right!) and for asking to write the alarm review! This alarm is now our home management system! Our alarm’s cameras notifies us when someone gets near our cars in driveway in the night and turns on lights in the hallway. We can talk to the alarm through Siri and Alexa and control heating and lighting from the iPad like panel in the hallway and our bedroom. We have door bell, smart locks and We get photos and notifications whenever kids and cleaner comes into the house when we are away. And we have it connected to police – very happy.


D Aldridge

2 years ago

We wanted the best alarm we can get and haven’t spend few months getting different quotes and having surveys done. I want to thank the guys at FHA who took their time to understand our requirements before trying to recommend any products. Then they recommended Qolsys and showed me features I didn’t even know I wanted. I decided to get the system installed by FHA Security, and boom, they are really professional and know very well about what they are doing. The whole experience


You have various options for home security systems that allow you to manage and control your home security- the most effective ones are burglar alarms, CCTV systems, smart doorbells, sensor floodlights and smart locks. All these systems have distinct features, and it is always recommended to assess your requirement and analyse which one suits your requirement in the best way. You can always choose more than one security system for enhanced protection.

It depends if you are choosing the right system for your requirement. Because sometimes, people end up getting a security system that doesn't offer what the user needs to protect their properties. Home Security Systems are primarily designed to offer protection to homeowners and allow you to keep intruders off your premises. Burglar alarms are one such home security system that people use to secure the premises that alert them if there is any suspected activity. You can always customise these systems based on your requirement. If you are looking for an effective home security system, we can indeed help you with your requirements. You can speak to our security specialists on 020 3137 8727 or 0800 193 8727. Our team shall arrange a short property survey to analyse your property requirement and recommend you with the relevant home security systems.

Security systems are primarily designed to protect homes from intruders by alerting the user if there is an unauthorized entry. The remote access feature of these systems allows users to monitor, manage and control home security anytime. It offers protection and gives homeowners peace of mind. Security systems are available in different categories with their own set of features protecting in different ways. For more details, read through our blog "burglar alarms vs CCTV vs doorbells" and understand each of these systems and their applications in detail.

DIY systems are easily available both online and offline. However, it depends on the brand you want to buy. For instance, if you're going to buy a Yale alarm, you can easily get it both online and offline. But if you are looking for insurance approved or British grade alarms, you will have to consult with a professional security installer that will configure, supply, and maintain the system.

The most common home security system is a burglar alarm that is commonly used against theft. Burglar alarms are designed to trigger an alarm and notify stakeholders in the event of a break-in using several methods. Strategically located sensors of different capabilities notify alarm control panel when their perimeter is breached. The alarm control panel, in turn, actions a series of pre-configured actions to deter burglars and inform stakeholders.

Home Security Systems costs vary depending on whether you have a product you own or lease from a security provider. With FHA Alarms, since you own the product from day 1, there are no ongoing costs for your systems unless there are any ongoing services like extended warranty or subscription charges required as part of the system. On a leased alarm, monthly payments can be anywhere between 30 to 60 per month, so the average cost over ten years will be 3600-7200.00, which comes out to be expensive.

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