Guard Response

What happens when your alarm is triggered?

Introducing guaranteed private guard response
within 30 minutes or its FREE!*

*Subject to Standard Terms and Conditions, *Subject to availability

Fitted Home Alarms Guard Response Service

Connect your professional burglar alarm to a network of licensed guards, ready to respond to your alarm signal at a moment's notice.

  • Safe and Secure with 24/7 guard cover for alarm events
  • Rapid Response using professional patrol services
  • Feedback Reports to give you peace of mind
  • Affordable with just a small monthly subscription and no call-out charges
  • All-inclusive Service, monitoring, and guard response plan
  • Prices from as little as £24 per month (Domestic Customers)*
  • Prices from as little as £30 per month (Commercial Customers)*

*Exact price depends on the make and model of the alarm system and the total number of devices installed. Some alarm systems will require adding new communication modules.

*Guard Response Service is a developing service that is not yet available everywhere. Get in touch to find out if the service is operational near you.

How to order?

Already a customer of FHA?

Add service to existing FHA Alarm.

Already have an alarm?

Move existing alarm maintenance and start guard service with FHA.

Need a new alarm?

Order a new alarm installation with our award-winning extended warranty maintenance plan, monitoring, and guard servicing.

Summary of Services

Here's a summary of how the Guard Response Service works!

For the first time in the UK, we are launching an affordable, fixed-cost guard response to your burglar alarm activation. FHA GRS solution uses our dedicated NSI Gold standard 24/7 monitoring station and guard response service from fully vetted, regulated, and SIA frontline mobile patrol private guards. If your alarm is activated, our private security guards can reach your home within 30 minutes of alarm activation, all for a fixed cost.

For as little as £24* per month, you can get the following services in an all-inclusive package

  • Annual alarm service
  • Dedicated 24/7 monitoring
  • 2 Free Guard Responses if the alarm is triggered within a 12 month period
  • Detailed incident report for site visits
  • Free remote and Onsite Support

*Exact price depends on the make and model of the alarm system and the total number of devices installed. Some alarm systems will require adding new modules.

What are the additional charges?

  • 3rd and subsequent alarm triggers within a 12 month period. (Probability 0.01%)
  • If the guard has to stay on site until police or key holder arrives (In actual break-ins)
  • Extended warranty for fitted products – available only with new FHA installations
  • Any cloud subscription or call alert landline or sim card charges.

System Requirements

You will need a grade 2 or higher grade professional burglar alarm professionally fitted by FHA Security or by an NSI or SSAIB certified installation company. If the alarm is fitted by a third-party installer, we will have to take over the ongoing maintenance, monitoring of your alarm system to enable guard response services. You may require adding communication modules for connecting to the monitoring station. We work with over 40 different products, so get in touch and we will confirm if we can add the service to your existing alarm.

If you don't have an existing alarm, our alarm specialists can help you choose a suitable product and arrange for professional installation of the intruder alarm solution system that meets all the requirements.

How does GRS work?

If your alarm is activated, the system will notify the monitoring station and they will contact the keyholders and notify the nearest guard to travel to the property – using a technology platform similar to UBER. The guard will visit the property to look for any obvious break-in signs and report back to the monitoring station. If required police will be called and the guard can stay on site until the keyholder or emergency services arrive on site.

Our detailed FAQ below answers all other questions around the service. If you have any other questions, please do get in touch.


FHA GRS is a service that connects your FHA monitored alarm systems to a curated marketplace of professional guard companies. Our GRS service can identify and dispatch the nearest guard to check a property if there is an alarm event.

By identifying the nearest available guard, our fully accredited monitoring station can provide guarantee a 30-minute response time and feedback. If we do not reach the property within 30 minutes, the call-out is free. If there has been a break-in, the guards on-site can manage the situation until a keyholder arrives or the property is secured.

FHA makes the service affordable by using an insurance model and charging each customer a fixed monthly cost as part of your alarm service plan. The exact fee depends on the type of property and system being monitored, but typically it cost as little as £24 per month for a professionally monitored domestic system.

The monthly fee covers up to 2 call-outs within the annual contract period without any additional cost. It also includes annual service visits from FHA engineers, full service including replacing any batteries, ongoing remote and onsite support, and professional 24/7 monitoring costs. With new installations, you can also add FHA's award-winning full extended warranty insurance plan on your security system for as little as £3 per month.

If an alarm event is cancelled within 10 minutes of the original activation, there would be no costs and the event would not count towards the 2 allowed responses.

FHA aims to provide coverage for all areas we currently cover in the South of England from 1st Feb 2022. Our installation area covered can be seen here. Please check with us to confirm if we can offer Guard Response Service in your local area.

If there are 3 or more events within the contracted year, there may be additional charges for the call-out. Also, if there is a need for a guard to remain on-site for any reason, there may be additional charges; however, these charges can normally be recovered with the insurance claim.

All security guard services used by FHA are certified by the SIA ACS scheme and guards deployed are SIA Frontline licensed and security screened to the highest standards in the UK.

As standard, the alarm must be a British Standard Grade 2 alarm system, fitted and/or professionally maintained by FHA on an annual maintenance plan. The system will require one or multiple communication modules compatible with third-party monitoring.

Anyone with an existing professional-grade alarm system can move their alarm service, monitoring, and guard response to FHA. We work with over 40 models of burglar alarms and our engineers are trained and certified to install and maintain these systems. We carry all parts in stock for these products. For more information, please email with the details or picture of your alarm control panel or keypad.

Alternatively, we can start you with a fresh installation of our alarm system with an all-inclusive fixed-cost package for you.

Most FHA alarm systems can add GRS service. You may require some configuration changes or adding extra communication modules to connect to the monitoring station.

GRS service as standard is a 12-month contract. This ensures it meets the monitoring and insurance requirements and it allows us to include 2 free guard responses to your alarm activation.

A police response alarm requires a URN from your local police service, 2 services from the alarm installer every year. There is also the risk of being removed from police response service if you have 2 false alarms within a short period and requirements of engineer visit within 4 hours of alarm triggering. All these factors mean police response alarms cost typically 30-70% more than our private guard response service. Then there are budget cuts, staff shortages, and other emergencies that mean police deprioritise burglar alarm response over other emergency service requests.

Professional keyholding service is commonly offered by some Security guard companies in compliance with British Standard BS 7984. This typically involves these companies storing keys in security vehicles and entering the property in the event of an alarm. The typical cost of the service is £300 - £500 per year in annual keyholding fee plus callout charges of £30 - £100 on each visit. This cost is exclusive of any intruder alarm system service charges. Most businesses and residential customers do not need the keyholding service but require the response service. By using insurance like pricing model, using UBER like technology, connecting our customers to large multitudes of mobile patrol companies, and offering a bundle package with our annual alarm service plan, FHA can offer an all-inclusive service plan with faster alarm response to alarms 40 to 80% cheaper than typical keyholding service.

As an SSAIB certified company our professional-grade alarm systems are grade 2 standard and meet EN 50131 standard. All our systems come with internal and external live sirens. Our customers own the alarms we install and maintain from day 1. You can continue to use the system even if you decide not to use our services, monitoring, or guard services from us. And lastly, our prices are a lot more pocket-friendly – over the typical life of an alarm, our prices work out roughly 50% cheaper than Verisure. As our GRS service is a standard 12-month rolling contract (a requirement of our monitoring platforms), we do not tie our customers into lengthy contracts, meaning you can opt-out of guard response or other parts of our service without hefty cancellation fees and continue to own and use the remaining features of your security system.

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