Police Response

Get ultimate peace of mind for your commercial or residential property with the
efficient Police Response with your Burglar Alarm System!*

*Area coverage and local police service availability restrictions apply. Call us to find out more!

We are introducing the fool-proof police response with your pre-installed and new professionally monitored security systems at your commercial and residential properties!

Safe. Better. Affordable. Efficient. Timely. High Protection.

Fitted Home Alarms Police Response Alarm System Service is what you need to secure your property, and always be sure that you will get timely and professional help when needed! The alarm receiving centre assesses the intruder alarms and directs the relevant police department to reach your place on very short notice.

Why FHA Police Response Service?

  • 24/7 service for the alarm events ensures high safety and security
  • With the rapid response system, the nearest police station sends you help immediately
  • Just a small amount of additional subscription cost with your existing alarm system
  • Get feedback reports on the events even when you are away from your home
  • The best solution to protect your valuables at residential and commercial properties
  • High-grade protection from intruders who are familiar with home alarms and security systems

*We are offering the most affordable solutions, but you can expect the exact price to vary according to the make and model of the already-installed alarm system and the number of installed devices. You might need additional communication module installations with certain alarm systems. It can also change the exact cost of installations.

How Does It Work?

If you have activated the police response service with your existing alarm system, the system will notify the alarm receiving centre (ARC) whenever the alarm goes off. The trigger is sent to the owner and the monitoring centre. The monitoring team will assess the signals sent from the activated alarm.

After the assessment, the ARC operator establishes a connection with the homeowners or property key-holders.

The ARC operator will wait for the second alarm signal from the property to confirm the movement within the property. Once the sensor trips for the second time, it is considered a confirmed alarm activation.

When the signal is confirmed via the Unique Reference Number(URN), the monitoring team will report the event to the nearest county police, and the police response is activated.

The next step is passing on the URN to the relevant emergency services to provide dedicated help according to the nature of the emergency. The help is dispatched to the location of the property as soon as possible.

In case of the panic alarm trigger, the alarm receiving centre (ARC) will directly notify the police to dispatch help to your property.

How To Get the Service?

  • Get a free quote on Police Response service from FHA if you are an existing customer.
  • Add the police response service to your existing alarm system.
  • The professional team will install the service by ensuring all risk areas and rooms meet all required detection levels.
  • The next step is connecting your property with the county police. It will take around 8 weeks to issue the customer a Unique Reference Number(URN).

Summary of Services with Police Alarm Response

What can you expect when getting the Police alarm response from the FHA Police Response Service?

When the police alarm goes off, our 24/7 dedicated ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) will assess the signals and notify your local police service to despatch service your way.The fixed cost service per month, you are entitled to an all-inclusive package including:

  • A 24/7 response system and monitoring
  • Two alarm service check-ups every year
  • Remote and onsite support from the FHA specialized teams 365 days a year.

What Are Additional Charges?

We, at FHA Security, takes pride in offering all-inclusive fixed price service to all our customers to inclusive your alarm service, monitoring and maintenance costs all inclusive to our customers. You can also opt to have extended warranty for all fitted parts as well with new installations.

Only exceptional circumstances where you have to pay extra fee is for replacing faulty parts (if not covered by extended warranty) and replacing damaged parts.

What are system requirements?

Whether you are a homeowner or own a commercial property, having a police response system activated with your burglar alarm is the safest option. Especially if you reside in a location with high theft and crime rates, police alarm response is the handy help you can have 24/7.

However, certain requirements are to be met to have a police response system with a burglar alarm.

  • Having a grade 2 or higher-grade alarm system compliant with EN 50131 standards
  • Professionally monitored burglar alarms fitted by an NSI or SSAIB-certified installation company, fitted and certified your alarm to a PD 6662:2017 or equivalent standard. (When you choose FHA Security, you don’t have to worry as we are SSAIB certified and fit systems to the relevant standards)
  • Suppose you want to activate police alarm response on your already-installed alarm system by a company other than FHA Security. In that case, we will assess the system to check if it meets requirements and then take over the maintenance, monitoring and request URN (Unique Reference No) for your alarm to enable police response.
  • You may or may not need additional communication modules to establish a connection with the monitoring station.
  • If you already don’t have an alarm system, you will need installation of a compliant and professional alarm system before activating the police response.


With the FHA PRS, your alarm system is connected to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) via two-way communications. You are entitled to 24/7 support from professional monitoring teams who can identify, assess, and dispatch immediate police help according to the alert level and type.

There are three police response levels:

Level 1 Police Response Alarm: Immediate Response
It is the highest alarm level, and when triggered, immediate police help is sent to the property.

Level 2: Police Attendance, Resource Permitting
The level 2 response alarm is only available in Scotland and is no longer available for Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. If there are more than 2 false alarms, the alarm response is downgraded to level 2.

Level 3: No Police Attendance Unless Visual
Level 3 response is a lower-level trigger that doesn’t create a police response unless someone witnesses a burglary or crime in progress.

A Unique Reference Number or URN is issued to the FHA customers by the local police force when they sign up for police response service on the professional security system. URN is saved in the local police’s database, and whenever a threat of burglary is detected, the level 1 response is ensured by the police.

IA URN is Intruder Alarm Unique Reference Number allocated for your alarm system fitted and it refers to alarm being triggered by detectors installed within the alarm system.

HUA URN stands for Hold-Up Alarm Unique Reference Number and this allows for user to manually trigger panic alarm, also known as silent alarm to notify monitoring station that is a break-in is occurring and they will despatch police to your property.

PRS alarms are often demanded by insurance companies to secure high-value items, properties that were burgled before or in a high-risk area. Besides, banks, museums, and jewellers also need police alarm responses to ensure the safety of their commercial properties.

Residential property owners can also sign up for the service to enhance the security of their premises. It is highly recommended to sign up for police response alarms in areas with high crime rate, limited keyholder access on nights and weekends.

Let FHA Security complete the URN application process on your behalf. Your all-inclusive alarm service, monitoring and police response charge will include your URN application and renewal fees as well. A full commissioning of alarm system with URN enabled can take up to 8 weeks.

A police response alarm cost can vary depending on your location, type of alarm system, total number of accessories, and type and associated cost of communication modules in the system. Typical monthly charges start from as little as £29 per month. With FHA all our prices are inclusive ongoing support and service visits.

FHA or any NSI and SSAIB-certified service provider must install a grade 2 or higher professional alarm system, meeting PD 6662:2017 standards. Besides, your burglar alarm system should meet the EN50131 standards of security in the UK. Additional communication modules might be needed for subscription to police response alarms.

If you already have a professional-grade alarm system from any company, you can move it to FHA Security. We have over 40 models of burglar alarms and professional engineers for installing, monitoring, and maintaining alarm systems. You can also request fresh installation of professional-grade alarm systems on your property with a police alarm response system.

For more information, please email hello@fhasecurity.co.uk with the details or a picture of your alarm control panel or keypad.

Yes, you can add PRS service to your existing FHA alarm if it is compliant with the police response requirements. You may require configuration changes or additional communication modules to connect to the monitoring station.

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