Alarm systems are among the most effective security systems for safeguarding homes and valuables. Customers typically seek an alarm system that offers complete protection and is convenient to use at the same time. This is why we always advise our customers to go with a wireless alarm.

Wireless alarm is a technologically advanced security system that provides a comprehensive security package for any home. It is not just simple to use, but also comes with a plethora of features. It is far more advanced than a wired alarm that is dependent on wires and cables. Customers have shown a lot of interest in wireless alarms in the last few years. And in the coming years, the wireless alarms market will account for more than 95%.

What are the benefits of a wireless alarm system?

Let us look at the key benefits of a wireless alarm system.

  • Easier to Install & Upgrade: These systems are easier to install and upgrade as they don’t need cables and wires. Moreover, the components used in this system are easily replaceable. 

  • Flexible & Scalable: These systems are portable and you can easily upgrade them anytime by adding sensors or other components to the system.

  • Compatible with your Smart Home: Some wireless alarm systems use smart technology and easily integrate into your smart home.

  • Tamper-proof and more Secure: In a wireless alarm system, the communication is quite fast, reliable, and secure. Moreover, it is tamper-proof. Therefore, there is no risk of disabling cables or removing the devices.

  • Battery-powered: They mostly run on batteries and works non-stop even when there is no power supply. Also, their control panel comes with backup battery power.

Some of the best wireless alarm systems

With a wide range of wireless alarm systems available on the market, people might find it difficult to identify the best one for their property. And therefore we have identified some of the best performing wireless alarm systems for you.

1) Visonic Powermaster Wireless Alarm System
Visonic Powermaster Wireless Alarm System

Powermaster alarm is one of the popular wireless alarm series by Visonic. It is an advanced alarm system with long battery life.

Here, Visonic has used its in-house wireless technology- PowerG. This makes them highly secure, super reliable, and robust systems that deliver high-performance. 

It is one of the superior ranges from Visonic that is most suitable for advanced and heavy-duty operations. 

It is suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Key features of the PowerG technology:
  • Robust and Reliable- It uses FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that eliminates any wireless appliances interference. Its two-way communication ensures the messages are not lost. Moreover, they are AES-128 encrypted that makes them more secure and reliable.
  • Remote Control- The configuration, review, and diagnosis of these systems can be controlled remotely.
  • Quick Installation- It has an easy set-up process that makes the installation faster and quicker. Moreover, it has a long transmission range. Therefore it doesn’t need repeaters.
  • Green Technology- Its long battery life reduces pollution and saves energy.

You can find 4 different models under this series. However, each can be paired with a camera sensor.

  • 360R Powermaster– It is ideal for residential properties and can connect to 64 zones.
  • 33 Powermaster– It is ideal for residential and SME and can connect to 64 zones.
  • 30 Powermaster– It is ideal for large residential and SME and can connect to 64 zones.
  • 10 Powermaster– It is ideal for residential properties and can connect to 30 zones.
2) Risco Agility 4 Wireless Alarm System
Risco Agility 4 Wireless Alarm System

Agility 4 is a multi-layered smart alarm system and offers multi-dimension security. It provides complete protection, both outdoors and indoors. 

Critical features of Agility 4 systems. 
  • Enhanced performance- It is robust and reliable with enhanced RF performance capabilities.
  • Advanced communications- It supports all sorts of communication modes (3G/IP/PSTN/GSM) that makes communication resilient.
  • Visual verification- It comes with integrated camera sensors. They help in real-time event verification through the iRISCO smartphone app. This also helps in eliminating false alarm triggers.
  • Compact design- It comes with a stylish, sleek keypad that compliments your home interiors.

You can find 2 variants of Agility 4 series. You can also pair them with a camera sensor if required.

3) CommPact Wireless Alarm System
CommPact Wireless Alarm System

CommPact is a cost-effective alarm system ideal for both homes and offices. It comes with a live video verification feature and uses integrated camera sensors. The real-time video verification feature will help you to check every time there is a trigger. And you can easily eliminate false alarm triggers if any.  Moreover, the iRISCO app gives you complete control over your property. And you can also remotely arm and disarm your system. It can further be connected to 32 zones.

CommPact alarms are convenient to use, easy to install, and super reliable.  It is ideal for people who are looking for a standard budget alarm.

4) Yale 6400 Wireless Alarm System
Yale 6400 Wireless Alarm System

Yale is a popular brand with a wide range of wireless alarm systems. However, Yale 6400 series is one of the best selling alarm systems. It is a cost-effective, user-friendly system with a simple keypad to use. It has all the basic features you would need to protect your home. And if you’re someone who wants a simple, easy-to-use system, then this is the best alarm system for you.

These systems, however, can be customised and upgraded based on your requirements.

It can be connected to 20 devices. And it also sends you a call alert through your landline.  

It comes in 2 variants.


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